WSC Construction & Restoration Offers Home Improvement Financing & 24-Hour Fire & Water Mitigation to Dover, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

You’re never ready when disaster strikes…But We Are!

An individual in Dover, Ohio, gets out of bed in the morning to a busy day with cooking and plans to help set up their niece’s birthday party. Many people realize that life doesn’t seem to flow according only to the plans that they make; however, they aren’t always prepared if a shorted wire causes a fire or a burst water pipe causes a flooded basement in their home. WSC Construction and Restoration is always ready with their 24-hour residential and commercial fire and water restoration that relieves the high amount of stress that naturally occurs in such situations. This veteran-owned local disaster restoration company and general contractor can help anyone in Ravenna, Ohio; Lake Cable, Ohio; Sebring, Ohio, and beyond restore their home with not only their water and fire mitigation services and mold remediation, but also with their remodeling and construction services. Additionally, they work with their customer’s insurance company and offer home improvement financing for those finding themselves in need of it. WSC Construction and Restoration does it all with one phone call!

This local disaster restoration company prides themselves on utilizing the latest state-of-the-art equipment, processes, and highly trained employees for their 24-hour commercial and residential water and fire restoration services. The team at WSC Construction and Restoration is fully licensed and ensured, offering experience and knowledge that surpasses others. Many times, residents from Lake Cable to Sebring will find themselves in a situation that they feel they could solve on their own in order to save money. In certain circumstances, it’s better to leave the work to the professionals, since fire and water mitigation that is not performed thoroughly and correctly can lead to mold growth and a plethora of health issues. The homeowner would then need to call for mold remediation services anyway. This can be avoided by letting WSC Construction and Restoration complete the entire process and get it done right the first time. The Sette Family had this to say about the quality and compassion behind the work at WSC:

Many reasons exist as to why someone may need the water or fire mitigation services from WSC Construction and Restoration, whether it’s a burst water pipe causing a flooded basement, or a shorted wire has caused a house fire. No matter the extent of the damage, anyone from Dover to Ravenna can alleviate a great amount of their stress by making their first phone call to this local disaster restoration company. They will work with the insurance adjuster during any sized catastrophe while guiding the family in each of the steps necessary to get their home back to operating even better than it did before. Their home improvement financing and remodeling and constructing services are just part of the vast array of services that they offer to get people back to their daily routine in no time.

Any home or business from Ravenna, Ohio, to Dover, Ohio, who has experienced the horrible event of a shorted wire causing a fire or a burst water pipe has left a flooded basement can rely on the comprehensive services of WSC Construction and Restoration. This local disaster restoration company is always ready with their 24-hour commercial and residential water and fire restoration services. It’s best to leave water and fire mitigation to the professionals to avoid the need for mold remediation in the future, which can cause long-lasting health issues. Additionally, their remodeling and construction services and home improvement financing can either bring a home back to its former glory or push it to match a lifestyle even better than before. Anyone from Lake Cable, Ohio, to Sebring, Ohio, can download this flyer and have the steps and information readily available when they need WSC Construction and Restoration.

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