Fairview Log Homes Offers an Affordable, Cozy Home Atmosphere for Summer Entertainment in Columbus, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Summer is right around the corner and people of all ages look forward to cookouts and celebrations with friends and family that naturally come with the weather, from Independence Day picnics to graduation parties. Anyone in Medina County, Ohio, may find that their home is perfectly suitable for everyday life but not quite perfect for entertaining. Homeowners from Columbus, Ohio, to Putnam, West Virginia, who have always wanted to upgrade their living space to lend more of a cozy home atmosphere can call Fairview Log Homes to collaborate on an affordable, custom log cabin. This custom log home builder doesn’t simply pull a blueprint from a shelf but sits with each client and listens to what ideas they have regarding building their dream home, which may include a wraparound porch, living room with a custom stone fireplace, custom kitchen cabinets, or custom wood floorings. Anyone in Carmel, Indiana, and beyond looking for a turn-key contractor for the renowned quality of an Amish-built wooden house will find all they desire with one call to Fairview Log Homes!

Residents from Medina County to Columbus are ready for the warmth and sunshine of summer; however, they sometimes realize that they would appreciate it better while perched on a beautiful wooden swing on their wraparound porch. After spending the winter months staring at the same four walls and the spring listening to the rain hit the roof, many individuals have decided that it’s time to start their search for a custom log home builder to build their dream home. Life is too short to wait on enjoying a cozy home atmosphere when Fairview Log Homes offers affordable custom log cabins with amenities, such as living rooms with fireplaces. Fireplaces are often the center of a room because of their beauty and the custom stone fireplaces from this turn-key contractor can be built to accommodate any preference in size, shape, and stone.

Gathering with family and friends in the summer months helps soothe the soul and the kitchen is usually the most popular place in which to congregate. People from Putnam to Carmel who would love to feel their feet slide across rustic custom wood flooring while cooking in their kitchen will love all that Fairview Log Homes has to offer. Perhaps they prefer the look of stone and find that the detail this custom log home builder can apply to the kitchen island would be a perfect touch. As they reach up to pull a bowl from one of their custom kitchen cabinets that were designed solely with their tastes in mind, they are overjoyed that they agreed to this small upgrade even though Fairview Log Homes offers a plethora of features in each of their Amish-built wooden houses. Their standard features include:

  • 8” Log Exterior Walls
  • Log Rafter Roof System (R-34)
  • Full Log Dormers & Gables
  • Cedar Exterior & Interior Trim
  • 10” Block Foundations
  • Custom Wood Floorings
  • Anderson Windows & Patio Doors
  • ProVia Entry Doors
  • 6-Panel Pine Interior Doors
  • Delta Plumbing Fixtures

While their standard features create a unique home to match any personality, adding custom details can elevate every custom log cabin to the next level:

  • Custom Stairways
  • Character Posts
  • Custom Stone Fireplaces
  • Corner Details
  • Wrought Iron Railings
  • Custom Tables & Furniture
  • Log Species
  • Log Profiles
  • Log Home Maintenance
  • Rustic Flooring

Whether someone in Carmel, Indiana, spends most of their time indoors and would appreciate a living room with a fireplace or another craves the ability to stroll out to the wraparound porch overlooking a lake in Columbus, Ohio, Fairview Log Homes can accommodate any request when building someone’s dream home. This custom log home builder offers affordable log cabins with a vast array of standard features, as well as a wide selection of customizable options — including custom stone fireplaces, wood floorings, and kitchen cabinets. Anyone from Medina County, Ohio, to Putnam, West Virginia, can count on turn-key contractor Fairview Log Homes for an Amish-built wooden house when they are looking to spend their time relishing in a cozy home atmosphere.

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