Cevasco Jewelers Carries Perfect Graduation Gifts & Father’s Day Presents for Akron, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Late spring sees many people arriving at an event of which they have dreamed of their whole lives … graduation. It’s also the perfect time to celebrate one of the most influential people that got the graduate to this point in their lives … their father. Whether a family member is searching for the perfect graduation gift for that person finalizing their high school or college career in Akron, Ohio, or another in Tallmadge, Ohio, is looking for Father’s Day presents, Cevasco Jewelers carries a vast array of custom designed jewelry for graduates and personalized bracelets for Dad. This local jewelry store has been serving generations of families for over 90 years with June birthstone pearl jewelry, natural color diamonds, jewelry repair services, diamond engagement rings, tie tacs, and so much more. Anyone from Hudson, Ohio, to Hartville, Ohio, needing a trusted jeweler who makes them feel like family as soon as they walk through the doors will be fully satisfied when they visit Cevasco Jewelers!

Graduations are extremely special occasions that many people go through only once or twice in their lives, whether it be from high school or college. When someone is looking for the perfect graduation gift, there is nothing quite like an exquisite piece of diamond, ruby, emerald, or pearl jewelry to kick-start their adult wardrobe, as well as forever symbolize a triumphant achievement. Jewelry for graduates is longer-lasting than the latest and trendiest shoe or designer purse and way more personal than an envelope full of cash. From sentimental and old-fashioned pearl jewelry to more modern custom designed jewelry boasting natural color diamonds, Cevasco Jewelers offers beautiful choices that will fit any personality from Hudson to Tallmadge.

The trusted jewelers at this local jewelry store thrive on seeing the smiles on their customers’ faces, whether they are new to them or have grandparents that started relying on their beautiful craftsmanship 90 years ago. Some of the best Father’s Day presents that will forever represent his children’s love are personalized. Individuals from Hartville to Akron can rely on Cevasco Jewelers for custom designed jewelry that features his initials or his favorite sports team. Another idea that is popular and personal is birthstone jewelry. It would be even more appropriate if it were June birthstone jewelry for which someone is looking with the holidays falling in the same month. Perhaps a dad would like a ring with a pearl mounted on a sterling silver band or a bracelet for Dad or tie tac that has pearls woven into a masculine setting. With Cevasco’s longstanding presence, anyone who trusts them knows that they will always be around and that future generations can find jewelry for any occasion, including diamond pendants and engagement rings, as well as expert jewelry repair services.

Why not break out of the old rut of buying ties for that special man and find the perfect Father’s Day present at Cevasco Jewelers?! Not only can someone in Hartville, Ohio, find bracelets for Dad or tie tacs at this local jewelry store, but they can also find custom designed jewelry that will be the perfect graduation gift to suit any personality. Not only does this trusted jeweler in Tallmadge, Ohio, stock a vast array of jewelry for graduates, but they also excel at June birthstone and pearl jewelry, jewelry repair services, and exquisite natural color or colorless diamond engagement rings for those who have found the person with whom they would like to spend the rest of their lives. Jewelry enthusiasts and novices alike from Akron, Ohio, to Hudson, Ohio, can trust the counseling and craftsmanship for any occasion at Cevasco Jewelers.

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