Windy Hill Hardwoods Has Interior Wood Products to Make a Bathroom in Orrville, Ohio, Look Bigger

By Fiona Vernon

Summer is almost here and between what seemed like the longest winter ever and the rainy days of spring, people have seen enough of the insides of their homes to want to make some changes. The sunshine and warm breezes of spring give homeowners from Mount Eaton, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, motivation to visit the home improvement showroom at Windy Hill Hardwoods to talk to the professionals on how best to perform cost-effective ways of remodeling with their 3D modeling design software. They provide affordable home remodeling materials whether someone in Orrville, Ohio, wants to make their bathroom look bigger with a remodel or another in Medina, Ohio, has always wanted to upgrade their kitchen space. The interior wood products at Windy Hill Hardwoods feature quality JMark kitchen cabinets and bathroom and vanities, a wide selection of flooring, granite countertops, and wooden trim to add the finishing touches to any project. People everywhere count on the experience and knowledge of Windy Hill Hardwoods to help them get any home improvement project done in no time!

While a smaller bathroom can feel cozy and intimate, it can also be cramped and depressing. With the right interior wood products and décor, any homeowner from Orrville to Akron can make a bathroom feel and look larger with the 3D modeling design software and experience that Windy Hill Hardwoods has to offer. This products and personnel at this home improvement showroom offer not only the advice and guidance for cost-effective methods of performing a bathroom remodel, but they also provide the affordable home remodeling materials necessary for any taste, from elegant to rustic. Some small tips in altering the visage of a bathroom include brightening it up with lighter colored cabinets, decor, and mirror frames. Recessed lighting saves space, as does installing a smaller sized bathroom vanity. Wooden trim and crown molding around the ceiling can help to create the illusion of the ceiling being higher than it is, adding more space. Windy Hill Hardwoods has a wide selection of styles and colors that will suit the needs of meeting a budget and the goal for improved perception of space.

Homeowners from Medina to Mount Eaton who are about to dive into a home improvement project can find all the interior wood products that they will need for a great price and with superb guidance from the well-experienced staff at Windy Hill Hardwoods. They carry a vast array of sizes and shapes of in-house made JMark cabinets, in addition to granite countertops, floors, trim, and lighting, so the client can see exactly what the end result will be with the choices that they make. The cabinets’ standard special features come at no cost to the buyer, boasting solid hardwood doors and face frames with ½” plywood construction for lasting durability and strength. They are match stained inside and out with possibilities in colors like York Coffee, Bristol Chocolate, Heritage White, Hickory, and Shaker Cherry. Stainless-steel baskets are standard in all the Lazy Susans and butt-style doors eliminate the center stile between the doors and allow easier use of the cabinet, while hinges range from soft close to European-Style concealed hinges. Windy Hill Hardwoods has the range of interior wood products to meet any goals!

Individuals from Akron, Ohio, to Medina, Ohio, who want to make their bathroom feel larger with a bathroom remodel will find it fun with the affordable home remodeling materials at Windy Hill Hardwoods. Their home improvement showroom boasts a plethora of granite countertops, wooden trim, bathroom vanities, and JMark cabinets that will help in every stage of a home improvement project that has been long overdue. Do-it-yourselfers from Orrville, Ohio, to Mount Eaton, Ohio, will discover cost-effective remodeling implemented by the 3D modeling design software and exceptional products available from this local cabinet maker and comprehensive design store. Individuals can visit or call Windy Hill Hardwoods for the interior wood products to fit their budget and style!
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