WSC Construction & Restoration offers 24-Hour Fire Restoration After a Kerosene Heater Fire for Cleveland, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

You’re never ready when disaster strikes…But We Are!

Everyone who has lived in Ohio can testify to the fact that the weather is crazy! There can be a foot of snow on the ground for a week then it might be 65 degrees for a day, only to drop to 18 by nightfall. It gives residents from Wooster, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, bragging rights for the most fluctuations in a day; however, when winter truly arrives, it hunkers down and camps out for a few months. When the real feel of the warmest part of a wintry day in Stow, Ohio, is below zero degrees and homeowners are feeling the drastic effects on their utility bills, they look to alternatives to make heating their homes more affordable, like kerosene heaters. There are dangers to using portable fuel heating, so it would behoove anyone in Wadsworth, Ohio, and beyond to be extremely knowledgeable on kerosene heater safety before using one. Even with the best understanding of the precautions, accidents still occur in many homes, causing the need for a local disaster restoration company. WSC Construction and Restoration offers 24-hour restoration services, because it is imperative to immediately begin fire and water restoration to avoid the need for future mold remediation. Not only will a home be marred by the fire, but it will also be damaged by the water used to extinguish the fire, so anyone can call WSC Construction and Restoration to let them take their stress away from the disaster that has befallen their home.

As the winter progresses in Wadsworth and Stow, utility bills start to reflect the low numbers on the outdoor thermometer. As an alternative to heating their home, numerous individuals turn to portable heaters without educating themselves on proper kerosene heater safety. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that portable heaters are the cause of over 32% of all home heating fires, with the main reason being that they were placed too close to flammable objects, like curtains and furniture. A standard safe distance recommended by the NFPA is a minimum of 36 inches in every direction. Additionally, many users will attempt to fill their kerosene heater before it has had time to cool, and this can result in a flare-up, causing severe burns to anyone nearby. Portable heaters get extremely hot, so placing a gate around it will be necessary in homes with children or pets to prevent them from accidentally running into it and suffering from burns.

People from Cleveland to Wooster need to be aware of the fuel that is appropriate for their heater, since putting gasoline into a kerosene heater can result in an explosion. Kerosene heaters must also be properly maintained according to their manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that they do not catch fire or explode — including regular cleaning of the heater’s wick and chimney and not allowing a buildup of soot. Portable heaters can also result in carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal, so many heaters come with oxygen depletion sensors. If an individual finds that theirs does not, their family’s safety is worth its replacement with a newer model. The most important rule of thumb when operating a kerosene heater is to never leave it unattended. Leaving a window open for fresh air while it is in use is recommended and installing carbon monoxide detectors can go a long way toward saving lives. If anyone finds themselves in the situation that an unforeseen explosion or fire has occurred, they can get immediate peace of mind by calling WSC Construction and Restoration, available with their 24-hour fire and water restoration services so that the road to recovery can begin immediately. It is difficult to live with the aftermath of a catastrophic event occurring at one’s home, but this local disaster restoration company not only helps with assessing, cleaning, and repairing the damage done by a fire, but also the water used to put out the fire to avoid future mold remediation.

Utilizing alternatives to heating one’s home is a wonderful idea, as long as users are following the recommended kerosene heater safety precautions. Accidents still occur, so no matter the unexpected circumstance that may require fire or water restoration, WSC Construction and Restoration is a reliable 24-hour restoration service that is always available for anyone from Cleveland, Ohio, to Wooster, Ohio. This local disaster restoration company not only specializes in fire and water restoration, but also in mold remediation, so anyone from Wadsworth, Ohio, to Stow, Ohio, who calls them will be making the best decision for their future after catastrophe has struck.

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