Homeowners in Akron, Ohio, can Visit Windy Hill Hardwoods for Cost-Effective Bathroom Remodeling Materials

By Fiona Vernon

The skies have opened up, releasing a plethora of snow from Akron, Ohio, to Medina, Ohio. January’s temperatures are so forbidding that individuals customarily stay more confined to their home. With the cabin fever that they begin to feel the more they stay indoors, they may start to question their previous choices in décor and contemplate what they can change over the coming weeks of containment. Anyone from Wooster, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, looking for a cost-effective way of remodeling will find affordable bathroom cabinets, vanities, and granite countertops at Windy Hill Hardwoods for the core of a bathroom remodel. Additionally, they offer a wide selection of finishing home remodeling materials — including hardwood flooring, wooden trim, and baseboards to achieve a look that suits anyone’s style. Homeowners will be happy that they visited the warehouse and showroom of Windy Hill Hardwoods and will wonder why they didn’t approach their projects sooner.

Windy Hill Hardwoods is the perfect location when a homeowner is looking for a cost-effective way of remodeling, because anyone from Akron to Wooster can walk in and choose the home remodeling materials that match their personality. There are tidbits of advice that people can follow when they are attempting to stay within a budget for their bathroom remodel. The first and best idea is to make a plan and stick to it. Windy Hill Hardwoods can help in this process with their decades of knowledge and vast array of choices that fit many wallet sizes. Another great way to keep from spending unnecessary money is to keep plumbing where it already exists, because it costs about $5,000 each time someone chooses to relocate their fixtures. Because of the mess that tile and wood working makes, completing the walls and floors is best done ahead of everything else. There is nothing written that says tile must be part of a bathroom’s décor, and a fantastic alternative is to use wooden trim in a vertical manner to create a unique wall that emanates the welcoming atmosphere of a spa. Hardwood floors with wooden baseboards to match the trim are a welcome addition to add to the cozy aura.

The core of the bathroom is the bathroom cabinets and vanity, from which Windy Hill Hardwoods offers an impressively wide selection in their warehouse. They have designed and created their own high-quality cabinet line, JMark cabinets, which offers standard features for which most other manufacturers would charge extra — including solid hardwood doors and face frames, the cabinet boxes and shelves match stained inside and out, 120-pound roller bearing side mount drawer glides, soft close under mount drawer glides, full extension hardware, and much more. Anyone from Massillon to Medina will also find a sizeable selection of hues in their stain and heat-resistant granite countertops to establish a welcoming, upscale atmosphere. Placing the shower walls, hardware, and mirrors is the next to last step, with an inexpensive and fun thing to do that upgrades the décor in any room is to use wooden trim to frame the mirror. After painting, homeowners can stand back and proudly gaze upon their new dream bathroom.

Taking the time over the winter to complete a bathroom remodel is one of the most productive solutions when any homeowner from Wooster, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, is looking to keep themselves out of the winter doldrums. Visiting Windy Hill Hardwoods will be the only venture necessary in obtaining the knowledge and home remodeling materials necessary for a successful project. Homeowners from Medina, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, who were looking for a cost-effective way of remodeling have discovered incredible options in style and colors of bathroom vanities and cabinets, granite countertops, and hardwood flooring. Windy Hill Hardwoods even has the wooden trim and baseboards that will create the look of a beautiful spa-like atmosphere.

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