Anyone in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Looking for Teas to Fight a Cold or the Flu Can Visit Ohio Tea Company Online

By Fiona Vernon

The festivities of the holidays have come and gone, and most individuals are happy to get back into the routine of their lives; however, cold and flu season can sometimes throw a wrench into their plans. Anyone from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Indianapolis, Indiana, searching for free shipping on teas to boost their immune system, need to look no further than Ohio Tea Company’s online forum. As the air reaches frigid temperatures, individuals tend to gravitate toward the soothing warmth of a hot beverage, causing them to discover the benefits of drinking teas that are high in antioxidants. This local tea company has loose-leaf teas for combating cold and flu season, like ginger root and peppermint teas, as well as The Healer Tea. Anyone from Wooster, Ohio, to Columbus, Ohio, can take the short drive to Ohio Tea Company in Canton, Ohio, to sample any new teas before taking them home.

Teetotalers have enjoyed tea most of their lives and can testify to the fact that it is calming to inhale the rich aroma right before each sip, and feeling under the weather can only intensify that satisfaction. Anyone from Wooster to Canton suffering from a malady and craving the benefits of drinking tea can visit Ohio Tea Company for teas that are high in antioxidants and fantastic at boosting their immune system to combat the symptoms of a cold or the flu. Someone experiencing an upset stomach from the flu may benefit from ginger root tea; additionally, it helps to open inflamed airways and reduce inflammation. This local tea company also offers The Healer Tea, which assists in boosting the immune system with a blend of black and green teas, as well as herbals — such as licorice, spearmint, Echinacea, and Astragalus. Licorice is known to calm lung spasms and reduce coughing, make it easier for a cough to be productive, and reduce the soreness in someone’s throat.

Not only does Ohio Tea Company offer tea samples in their store while conversing with the knowledgeable owner, but they also offer free shipping on their loose-leaf teas. People from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis who would like to take advantage of the extensive inventory of this local tea company can peruse their online store for everything from peppermint to chamomile teas. The teas that offer immune boosting and relaxation to someone will also offer anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties with their high antioxidant levels. Peppermint tea not only boosts the immune system, but can also assist the digestive process, reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, and aid someone in their weight loss journey. Ohio Tea Company offers a vast array of chamomile teas, which are best known for their ability to help with sleep and relaxation; however, study results are also proving that it helps lower blood sugar, slows or prevents osteoporosis, and relieves symptoms of the common cold.

The harsh days of winter are upon the residents of Canton, Ohio, and Wooster, Ohio, along with the abrupt arrival of cold and flu season. Whether someone comprehends the benefits of drinking tea or not, they can visit Ohio Tea Company in person or online to discover teas that boost the immune system with their high levels of antioxidants. Not only do they offer a variety of ginger root, peppermint and chamomile tea blends that are healing teas for those who have had the misfortune of acquiring a cold or the flu, but they also offer The Healer Tea, with its potent combination of healing teas and herbals. This local tea company offers free shipping on their loose-leaf teas for those from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Indianapolis, Indiana, so that anyone can take advantage of the soothing calm that a hot cuppa tea can bring during a cold, winter day.
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