When it Comes to Winter Preparation, Paul’s Lawn & Garden in Massillon, Ohio is Here to Help!

When it comes to preparing for winter weather in the Wooster, Ohio and Orrville, Ohio area, you can never stock enough water, warm clothing, batteries, etc. But as the folks at Paul’s Lawn & Garden in Massillon, Ohio know, winter preparation doesn’t stop there. Severe weather of any kind can lead to downed trees and the loss of electricity. Investing in an affordable home generator, gas powered chainsaw, snow thrower or even a safe and efficient infrared space heater can leave you thankful as the bad weather strikes and you find yourself prepared for the worst.

As the temperature drops, you may find yourself struggling between properly heating the garage in your Wooster home, while keeping your electric bill from skyrocketing. Your garage serves as one of the hardest areas to heat during the winter and the last thing you might want to do is spend money on one of those expensive kerosene heaters, that aren’t as efficient. At Paul’s Lawn & Garden, they offer a safer, more fuel efficient source of heat in their wide selection of Val 6 infrared space heaters. Infrared heaters are proven more efficient as they thoroughly and evenly warm the atmosphere of one’s garage, while using as much as 50% less energy than your home furnace.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes we find ourselves completely engulfed in darkness as the electricity in the Orrville area fails. Investing in an affordable home generator will help provide your family some much needed comfort during those cold winter nights as you await for the power to turn back on. Paul’s Lawn & Garden serves as Massillon’s leading provider of Honda generators, which all can be used as more than just a source of emergency power. It can be used to power your electric chainsaw if you are need of removing a fallen tree from your driveway. And if you happen to be more of an outdoorsy type of person, the Honda EG6500 can serve to help both when your power fails and when you are camping in the woods!

Whether you are looking to clear a fallen tree, in need of removing all that excess ice and snow from your yard or just hoping to have a back up in the case of power failure in the Wooster, Ohio area, Paul’s Lawn & Garden is here to help you with your winter preparation! With top of the line name brands such as Honda, Echo, Val 6, Husqvarna and more, you will find only the best quality in infrared space heaters , chainsaws, snow blowers and affordable home generators! There’s no better way to get your Orrville, Ohio home ready for winter than ensuring you have everything you could possibly need than by visiting their website at http://www.paulslawnandgarden.com/ or in person at 12000 Lincoln Way Northwest in Massillon, Ohio.