Scruffy 2 Fluffy Offers Your Stark County, Ohio Pet a Relaxed Grooming Environment to Prevent Stress

Often times, our pets are one of the family. Just as you would get a haircut, sometimes your pet requires one as well. However, going to the groomers can be a stressful endeavor for both owner and pet if your animal isn’t used to such an activity. At Scruffy 2 Fluffy in Canton, Ohio, your pet’s groomer will take the time to get to know your pet and hope to create a relaxed grooming environment. Getting your dogs nails trimmed at the veterinarians in Massillon, Ohio can be expensive. Whether your pet is getting a professional nail trim or a breed standard cut, you know that you’re getting the best prices for the best service at Scruffy 2 Fluffy. Is your rabbit or cat suffering from hairballs? Hairballs are a serious condition for these pets, but did you know that getting their fur shaven down or trimmed up can work as a hairball remedy? Stop spending a fortune on medications that don’t work when a simple hair cut is all your pet needs to start leading a healthier lifestyle in Stark County, Ohio!

What’s your pet of choice? Whether it’s a cat, a dog, a rabbit, or a ferret, Scruffy 2 Fluffy in Canton can help turn your beast into a beauty! Did you know that ferrets are relatively clean animals? As a matter of fact, so are cats and rabbits. However, sometimes they can still use a little grooming. If your pet doesn’t venture outside, they may not be able to grind down their nails naturally. If your ferrets or dogs nails are getting a bit too long, visit Scruffy 2 Fluffy for a professional nail trim! By trimming the nails, you can help keep your pet from snagging the carpet and injuring themselves. Is your dog or cat having fur trouble? Whether it is matted fur or just needs trimmed from their eyes, Scruffy 2 Fluffy is your Stark County location to go. Pets with longer fur can have the most trouble when it comes to maintaining their fur—even cats! Did you know that trimming your cat or rabbit’s fur works as a natural hairball remedy? Less fur means less hair for them to take in when grooming themselves, which in turn means less hairballs for you to clean up. Also, this makes for a more hygienic pet. Another way to maintain your pet’s health is to get a sanitary trim done while at Scruffy 2 Fluffy to prevent fecal matter from becoming matted in the fur as well as urinary tract infections that your pet can’t tell you about from occurring. If you’re looking for a relaxed grooming environment near Massillon, Scruffy 2 Fluffy is the place to go for all your pet’s grooming needs.

Our pets are family; and like family, we want to do what’s best for them. By taking your pet to Scruffy 2 Fluffy in Canton, Ohio, you’re allowing your pet to get the routine maintenance they need to their coats, nails, and more in a relaxed grooming environment. The friendly groomers will help keep your pet calm as they get a professional nail trim or have their fur trimmed down. Is your Massillon, Ohio rabbit or cat suffering from more hairballs than usual? If you have a long haired pet, hairballs can be more frequent than is necessary. By trimming down their fur, or even shaving a good portion of it off, you can reduce the frequency of hairballs, making it an effective hairball remedy.  Don’t let your Stark County, Ohio pet go around with untrimmed nails and matted fur; take them to Scruffy 2 Fluffy for help!

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