Want Trailer Awning Installation to Get Ready for Spring Adventures? Macon, Georgia, Trust Leonard Truck & Trailer

By Fiona Vernon

It has been a long winter and the spring has kept individuals under lockdown to prevent the spread of illness. Travelers and businesses alike from Macon, Georgia, to Lansing, Michigan, can be prepared to roam freely when they are allowed again by getting their trailers ready for spring. After this extended bout of being stuck at home and needing a reprieve from the overwhelming cabin fever that has set in, campers and equestrians can call Leonard Truck and Trailer’s service department to help them dewinterize their RV and prep their living quarters horse trailer, which entails a few exterior and interior maintenance projects. While some are easy, it might be best to involve professionals at a trailer dealership help with things like installing an awning or checking hoses and belts for cracks. Leonard not only excels at trailer repair, but they also provide all the accessories and replacement parts necessary to ensure a stress-free spring and summer on the road. OTR truckers can also count on them to keep their journeys safe with DOT inspections, trailer system checks, axle replacement, and more. No job is too big or too small. Whether someone in Youngstown, Ohio, is looking for an affordable horse trailer that’s under 20k or a company in Columbia, Illinois, needs a utility or construction trailer, Leonard Truck and Trailer offers nationwide delivery and easy financing on a wide selection of gooseneck and bumper pull trailers. Call 330.538.2112 today!

Maybe at the end of the last trip, someone in Youngstown noticed that there was a strange noise or that everything seemed off balance. Instead of having to figure out what’s wrong, Leonard Truck and Truck’s service department has been providing superior repair, replacements parts, maintenance, and accessories for 65 years. They have experienced almost everything out there so can easily pick up on a variety of potential issues. Dewinterizing an RV doesn’t only involve the propane system and freshwater system, it also includes safety on the basics. They follow a recommended annual checklist, where they:

  • clean, inspect and repack all wheel bearings
  • replace seals, cotter pins and tabs
  • inspect and adjust brakes
  • check tire inflation, condition and rotation
  • check breakaway, battery condition and voltage
  • check lights and wiring
  • check frame, coupler, safety chains
  • lube all hinges and latches

Leonard Truck & Trailer also handles the warranties and insurance company should any issues be found that need attention. Maybe someone in Columbia realized on one of their outings that they could use more shade when enjoying the fresh air and reading outside. Having a trailer awning installed would solve that problem. Semi-trailers need continuous maintenance with the number of miles put on them, and anyone from Macon to Lansing can trust this new and used trailer dealer for system checks and DOT inspections. Individuals who recognize that their equipment has seen better days can prepare for spring not with repair, but by taking advantage of the easy trailer financing and nationwide delivery offered by Leonard. They stock a lot full of affordable bumper pull and gooseneck utility, construction, livestock, dump, ATV, travel trailers, and so much more. They even have a selection of horse trailers under 20k.

Everyone from Youngstown, Ohio, to Macon, Georgia, finds themselves in the same unique situation with the social distancing that will keep their loved ones safest. It gives them unexpected time to consider what needs done to get their lives and their trailers ready for spring. Whether a company in Columbia, Illinois, needs maintenance on their construction and utility trailers or someone in Lansing, Michigan, has an RV needing dewinterization, Leonard Truck and Trailer’s service department gets every job done right. This trailer dealer offers not only repair, replacement parts, and accessories, but they also keep OTR drivers safe with DOT inspections and system checks. In the market for an upgrade? Check out the easy financing and nationwide delivery on over 700 affordable gooseneck and bumper pull trailers, including a variety of horse trailers under 20k. Whether awning installation is needed or an upgrade, Leonard Truck and Trailer takes the anxiety out of every trip!

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