The Burlap Shack Offers Primitive Reclaimed & Upcycled Wood Summer Décor for Champion, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

With technology advancing so quickly, individuals are always looking for shops with a local feel that can provide them with gifts for the people in their lives who have everything. Whether someone in Portage Lakes, Ohio, wants primitive or farmhouse summer décor as a present for a friend or another in Champion, Ohio, is in search of a children’s birthday party venue to host her 10-year-old’s special day, The Burlap Shack offers craft classes and handmade home decor. Not only does this local gift shop specialize in memory keepsakes, like handmade fabric roses, but they also produce one-of-a-king reclaimed wood and upcycled products. They may give a hometown feel, but they are also involved in advancing the way society does business with their involvement in the eBay retail revival program, even authorized by eBay to help educate fellow business owners who are willing to learn. Anyone from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Lordstown, Ohio, can visit The Burlap Shack for a fantastic experience and a vast array of beautiful décor and unique custom designs!The Burlap Shack is always packed with creative pieces that were designed and created by the owner! Her creativity shines through in every project that she takes on — initially having begun with her handmade fabric roses, the perfect memory keepsake for any occasion. What started as a way to help widows cope with the loss of their beloved by creating roses out of their neckties turned into a full-time venture in primitive and farmhouse style reclaimed and upcycled décor products. This local gift ship not only carries gifts for people who have everything and does so for every holiday, from Mother’s Day to Christmas, but they can also accommodate any request for unique custom designs. They make plastic wine glasses that are ideal for camping or sipping outdoors, as well as matching tee-shirts for family reunions, and everything in between. They excel at taking the fun ideas that people from Fairlawn to Champion find on Pinterest and bringing it all to life. People may walk through the doors as a customer, but they leave as a friend. Alex Varner had this to say:

“They have the cutest stuff in here and can custom make you anything you could want! And it’s all totally affordable and sold by two of the most fun and energetic ladies around!”

The Burlap Shack offers their handmade home decor not only at their location, but also on their eBay store and through the eBay retail revival program in Akron. They not only create unique custom designs and summer décor, but they also offer craft classes for any occasion. They frequently schedule and sell out of these craft nights that are geared toward the to the season, having recently finished one with a 12-inch tall upcycled wooden flip flop. The night included all the items needed to decorate it in one’s own style, such as flowers, rope, burlap, and rhinestones. This local gift shop is also the perfect venue when anyone from Lordstown to Portage Lakes is looking for a birthday party venue for children’s and adult parties alike. It’s a great night out with friends simply to celebrate any old occasion. Caitlin Scott had this to say:

”I absolutely love this store! The owner is amazing, I recently attended a craft night here and she was so nice! She has such a creative side and her suggestions are always so crafty and neat. Her prices are awesome as well. She has new things all” the time and her crafts related to holidays are always so cute and beautiful. I’d recommend this store to anyone. She also does custom orders and they too are always so nice. Keep up the good job!”

The Burlap Shack is so comprehensive in what they have to offer to the community from Champion, Ohio, to Lordstown, Ohio, that individuals can visit them for almost anything — including gifts for people who have everything, unique custom designs, handmade fabric roses, primitive and farmhouse summer décor, and even exciting craft classes. This local gift shop loves taking the old and making it new by creating reclaimed wood and upcycled products for their handmade home décor, which can also be found on their eBay retail revival program page. They love making people smile by offering a relaxed and fun atmosphere as a children’s birthday party venue or any other occasion. Anyone from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, looking for everything from fun décor to memory keepsakes can visit The Burlap Shack in person or online!

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