Statesville, North Carolina, Trusts Leonard Truck & Trailer for Easy Financing on Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

By Fiona Vernon

Buying a new piece of equipment is nothing to scoff at; however, it is something in which businesses and individuals can take pride when they do. Trailers can help make life more convenient and comfortable, while saving money in the long run when they help increase the load taken per trip and eliminate the money spent on hotel stays. Whether an equestrian in Charleston, West Virginia, needs a horse trailer with living quarters or a landscape company in Statesville, North Carolina, wants an affordable utility trailer, Leonard Truck and Trailer provides easy trailer financing, as well as nationwide delivery. This new and used truck and trailer dealer not only stocks 700 products on their lot at all times — including enclosed cargo trailers, RV’s, golf carts, car/ATV haulers, dump trailers, and more — but they are also a one stop trailer source with their extensive service department. They excel at truck and trailer repair, maintenance, replacement parts, and accessories, such as trailer awning installation, DOT inspections, trailer system checks, and camping generators, just to name a few. Everyone from Roanoke, Virginia, to Ann Arbor, Michigan, who wants the best options of the best products can take solace in knowing that Leonard Truck and Trailer offers the best prices, service, and selection.

From modest beginnings that started in an Ohio backyard, Leonard Truck and Trailer is a family business that has grown to encompass a 24,000 square foot facility with 11,000 square feet dedicated to a trailer service and replacement parts department. They not only employ experts for the maintenance and repair of any trailer related issue, but they can also customize any trailer to meet the lifestyle of their clients. Whether someone in Statesville is in search of accessories that will enhance their camping experience, like a generator, golf cart, or trailer awning installation, or an OTR driver on his way to Roanoke needs a location that offers DOT inspections and trailer system checks, this new and used truck and trailer dealer handles every job.

Anyone from Ann Arbor to Charleston who has perused Leonard Truck and Trailer’s inventory either online or in person can attest to the fact that they offer the 700 trailers that they claim to. Regardless if someone is looking for a horse trailer with living quarters to make travelling to and from their shows more convenient or an affordable RV so that they can travel the country, this new and used truck and trailer dealer has the variety to satisfy many personal and corporate needs. Additionally, they offer a wide selection of affordable enclosed and open cargo trailers, car/ATV haulers, and utility trailers. Individuals from all across the country trust them so much after having either dealt with them in the past or had friends that did, that they count on them for easy trailer financing and nationwide delivery.

Sometimes the only thing that people need is the word of a trusted person when they are about to invest in something. Times have been more difficult for everyone from Roanoke, Virginia, to Charleston, West Virginia, and Leonard Truck and Trailer offers easy trailer financing and nationwide delivery to counterbalance that. This new and used truck and trailer dealer knows that sometimes a new piece of equipment is necessary to make life easier, as well as make travelling easier on the wallet. They have over 700 trailers and other products in stock that include affordable utility trailers, car/ATV haulers, open and enclosed cargo trailers, RV’s, golf carts, horse trailers with living quarters, landscaping equipment, and so much more. Their extensive service department’s 12 bays offer repair, replacement parts, maintenance, and accessories whether someone needs a trailer awning installed, camping generators, DOT inspections, or trailer system checks. Individuals from Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Statesville, North Carolina, can rely on the experts at Leonard Truck and Trailer for all their travelling and transporting essentials.
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