Drivers in Fairlawn, Ohio, Can Rely on Jay’s Auto Sales for Low Monthly Payments on a Reliable Car for Vacation

By Fiona Vernon

With many families altering their vacation plans this year due events outside of their control, it may be in their best interest to travel by car. This means that it might be necessary to invest in an affordable used car or truck that will be reliable not only for vacation, but for when college starts in the fall. Since 1986, Jay’s Auto Sales has been providing individuals from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Wooster, Ohio, quality pre-owned vehicles for their day-to-day transportation needs. This local used car lot’s ability to provide cars for people with no and bad credit is what helps set Jay’s Auto Sales apart from other dealerships. Whether an individual is a first time car buyer or they need a replacement, filling out an online car loan application at this Buy here Pay Here dealer could result in a monthly payment as low as $250 and bi-weekly as low as $125. Drivers from Medina, Ohio, to Copley, Ohio, will love the senior and military vehicle discounts in addition to the easy car financing they find with one phone call to Jay’s Auto Sales at 330.334.1080.

Jay’s Auto Sales has set themselves apart from the other local used car lots from Wooster to Medina for over 34 years. They don’t simply purchase a vehicle and place it on their lot. All of the quality pre-owned vehicles available from Jay’s Auto Sales have been completely reconditioned! What this means is that each vehicle has had all of the deteriorated parts replaced with highly functioning components. Not until the vehicle is deemed to be running perfectly do they place it on their lot. They are so confident in the affordable used cars and trucks they have chosen that they offer a free 30-day, 1,500-mile warranty. They also offer repair discounts through their automotive service department on any issue that might arise after the warranty has expired.

In addition to the senior and military discounts they provide on vehicle purchases every day, Jay’s Auto Sales offers easy car financing for people with either no or bad credit to help them get the vehicle they need for their daily travels. Regardless of their credit history, whether a first time car buyer in Copley is looking for reliable car for college with a low monthly car payment or a family in Medina needs a reliable car for vacation, this Buy Here Pay Here dealer can help them leave with an affordable monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly car payment. They even offer an online car loan application and their inventory on their website to make the process as safe as possible in the current environment. Call 330.334.1080 or visit Jay’s Auto Sales today to get behind the wheel of something amazing!

With summer weather beginning to settle into the Medina, Ohio and Fairlawn, Ohio areas, many families are beginning to plan their next vacation. Anyone that needs a vehicle with enough space to accommodate their passengers as well as their luggage, while offering a reliable mode of transportation, can find the perfect match at Jay’s Auto Sales. This local used car lot offers a great selection of affordable used cars and trucks to choose from, backed by a generous warranty. Any first time car buyer concerned that one of the quality pre-owned vehicles that Jay’s Auto Sales has available on their lot won’t be within their price range due to having no credit score or a poor one can relax. This Buy Here Pay Here dealer is known for results of low monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly vehicle payments for people with no or bad credit with their easy car financing and online car loan application. Drivers from Copley, Ohio, to Wooster, Ohio, will love the senior and military car discounts. Visit Jay’s Auto Sales today for a reliable car for college or vacation!

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