Stark County, Ohio, Trusts Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling for 24-Hour Emergency AC & Furnace Service

By Fiona Vernon

School is starting, and almost half the country claims fall as their favorite season. The changing leaves don’t necessarily mean that the temperatures will be immediately dropping. Homeowners from Beach City, Ohio, to North Lawrence, Ohio, who realize that there is a transition from keeping the AC running efficiently to making sure the furnace is ready for what lies ahead can call Hey Neighbor for affordable repair and installation. They not only help their customers stay comfortable with 24-hour emergency services, but they also perform furnace checks before winter to prevent flipping the switch and the furnace not turning on. Some people don’t realize that they can even call this reputable heating and cooling company to install a smart thermostat that allows their HVAC system to switch between heating and cooling to adjust to the ambient temperature. Whether a family in Perry Heights, Ohio, has a Trane air conditioner or someone in another part of Stark County, Ohio, has a Honeywell furnace, calling 330.875.9300 will help them save money on utility bills with seasonal furnace maintenance. Call today to stay comfortable all year long.

Owning a home is something for which many people strive, but it can be stressful when the house isn’t functioning as well as it should. It has happened to everyone at some point in their lives — they wake up, and the AC isn’t keeping up, or they finally give in to the cold, but the furnace won’t turn on. Hey Neighbor provides genuine 24-hour emergency AC and furnace services. That means that they go to any home from North Lawrence to Perry Heights with affordable repair. They know what it’s like, so they don’t even charge after hour or overtime fees. I know it sounds shocking, but it’s true! They know that a home is one the biggest investments people will ever make, so they treat each client’s home like their own. Their technicians arrive in fully-stocked trucks with factory-authorized OEM parts for nearly all manufacturers’ equipment — including Trane, Ruud, Amana, and Heil. If it becomes necessary to consider a new unit, this reputable heating and cooling company will present various affordable installation options for the best match to each budget and lifestyle.

Hey Neighbor can also help prevent those last-minute issues for homeowners in Beach City and all Stark County with their seasonal furnace maintenance. Investing in a furnace check before winter can help keep it running efficiently and identify issues before they become a problem on the coldest day of the year. Who doesn’t want to save money on utility bills? Hey Neighbor has been serving the community for over 30 years, so they know what it takes for an HVAC system to run efficiently. Changing the air filter as recommended by the manufacturer will help it operate as long as the higher end of its expected lifespan and work efficiently to lower electric and gas bills. Installing a smart thermostat will accomplish both goals as well. They can be programmed from a smartphone or other device from any location, switch between heat and AC when necessary, and be programmed to any desired schedule.

Knowing who to call for 24-hour emergency AC service can be confusing for homeowners from Perry Heights, Ohio, to Beach City, Ohio, when they don’t use them all the time. Although Hey Neighbor offers affordable repair and installation, they can help anyone avoid additional stress with consistent seasonal AC and furnace maintenance. Even the most diligent of homeowners has experienced the days where their AC would not keep up or their furnace wouldn’t turn on. This disruptive event is less likely when they commission this reputable heating and cooling company for furnace checks before winter. From saving money on utility bills by keeping a Trane AC running efficiently to installing smart thermostats, individuals in North Lawrence, Ohio, and all Stark County, Ohio, can rely on Hey Neighbor for their HVAC needs.

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