Hey Neighbor Helps Massillon, Ohio, Improve Their Home’s Indoor Air Quality

By Fiona Vernon

Homeowners who understand the importance of seasonal preventative maintenance and consistent air filter changes are one step ahead of everyone else. Sometimes changing a filter isn’t enough to maintain a superior level of clean air when pets and other pollutants are present, so knowing the difference between air filters and cleaners is important to determine which is more effective for the results each person from Greentown, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, desires for their family. Hey Neighbor is a reputable heating and cooling company that has been serving the area for over 30 years and uses its decades of experience to provide even better and more affordable AC maintenance, repair, and installation. They know what they are talking about when any homeowner trusts their service and products. Both can improve indoor air quality in a home, help decrease asthma attacks, and ease allergy symptoms. For everything from saving money on utility bills with seasonal furnace maintenance to 24-hour emergency AC service, Hey Neighbor can keep anyone from Uniontown, Ohio, to Canton, Ohio, comfortable! Call 330.875.9300 today!

Many people spend their time indoors whether they work on a computer or simply prefer the comfort of their own home. This fact makes indoor air quality a concern for homeowners from Massillon to Uniontown for continued health. It helps to know the difference between air filters and air cleaners when determining the best path to healthy breathing and an efficiently working HVAC system. Air filters are an inherent part of most heating and cooling systems, but it’s up to each person to decide if it will ensure high enough air quality for their circumstances.

Air filters ensnare large dust and dirt molecules, allowing smaller particles to continue circulating — including dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold, and mildew.  They do come in various basic, inexpensive types to more effective versions that filter microscopic molecules. Their MERV ratings range from one to 16, with the higher number indicating better filtration, and HEPA filters will catch 99.97% of all .3 microns or larger particles. Manufacturers recommend changing the air filter a minimum of every 90 days and up to every month if the inhabitants smoke, have allergies, asthma, pets, or any respiratory issues.

The question is if an air filter alone is enough to improve indoor air quality and ease allergy symptoms, decrease asthma attacks, and prevent illness. The consensus is that they are best used in conjunction with air cleaners or purifiers. Air cleaners remove molecules below .3 microns from the air, and air purifiers sanitize the air to kill airborne pathogens that cause allergies and sickness. Many work together using UV lighting, negative ions, and other methods. Homeowners from Canton to Greentown can call Hey Neighbor’s experts for advice, service, and products when they want to maintain the health of their lungs and the efficiency of their AC and furnace. This reputable heating and cooling company can help save money on utility bills while providing affordable AC and furnace seasonal maintenance, repair, installation, and even 24-hour emergency services.

Communities from Uniontown, Ohio, to Greentown, Ohio, trust Hey Neighbor to help them distinguish the difference between air filters, purifiers, and cleaners. This reputable heating and cooling company built its reputation on treating each customer like family while easing their allergy symptoms and decreasing their asthma attacks. They not only have the knowledge and products to improve the indoor air quality of any home, but they also provide affordable AC and furnace repair, installation, and seasonal maintenance. Additionally, they are available for 24-hour emergency AC service because they know how dangerous it is to be without AC on the hottest day of the year or without heat on the coldest. Everyone from Canton, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, can rely on the expertise of Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling to help them save money on utility bills.

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