Leonard Truck & Trailer Provides Horse Show Accessories & Saddles for Gainesville, Florida, Equestrians

By Fiona Vernon

Those who live in regions where they enjoy four seasons sometimes like to get away to warmer areas of the country. Equestrians from Guntersville, Alabama, to Chattanooga, Tennessee, love to take advantage of horse shows in the south since more moderate weather allows them time away from the cold. Leonard Truck and Trailer can help every horse lover get ready for their shows any time of year with repairs, maintenance on living quarters horse trailers, trailer upgrades to at the best trailer prices, and accessories — such as saddles. This reputable trailer dealer boasts not only nationwide delivery and easy in-house financing, but they also feature a comprehensive 11,000 square foot service department and other offerings that include an armory, grills, firepits, and so much more. For everything from golf carts to enclosed trailers, individuals from Jacksonville, Florida, to Gainesville, Florida, can rely on the wide selection from Leonard Truck and Trailer.

When people think of Leonard Truck and Trailer, they think of precisely what their name entails; however, they don’t realize that there is so much more behind the name than just a selection of trailers that rivals any other from Chattanooga to Jacksonville. This reputable trailer dealer supplies new and used trailers — including enclosed and living quarter horse trailers and hundreds more — but anyone looking for a golf cart can also visit them. Additionally, equestrians will love the high-end saddle selection handmade by Bob’s Custom Saddles and other accessories to help them get ready for horse shows. Businesses will not only love their selection of utility and cargo trailers because they offer the best prices, but those who need a compact track loader can also rely on them. It’s summer, and they also want their customers to enjoy the outdoors with their grills and firepits. Leonard has everything necessary to hunt it, haul it, then grill it.

Leonard is the one-stop trailer shop, whether someone from Gainesville is looking for trailer maintenance or another in Jacksonville needs trailer parts and repair. They provide easy in-house trailer financing with nationwide delivery in addition to having a comprehensive trailer service department that offers everything trailer-related. Need an awning installed on an RV? They do that. Need a trailer winterized? They do that, too! Perhaps an OTR driver needs a DOT inspection. They can do that. They are reliable for anything that keeps people on the road safely. Their highly trained service staff works out of 12 bays to handle a range of structural, mechanical, and electrical repairs and upgrades, whether someone needs an axle replaced with a quick turnaround time or their living quarters detailed. Call 877.888.6069 today to get in before the fall!

Businesses and individuals from Jacksonville, Florida, to Guntersville, Alabama, don’t always need a new enclosed trailer or even a used one. They may need services surrounding the act of owning one, such as replacement parts for something they can do themselves or annual maintenance that they would only trust to professionals. When it comes to repairs and anything related to trailers, Leonard Truck and Trailer’s comprehensive service department is the best place to visit or call. Not only does Leonard offer the best trailer prices with easy in-house financing and nationwide delivery, but they also supply horse show accessories, new saddles, golf carts, grills, and firepits. Everyone from Gainesville, Florida, to Chattanooga, Tennessee, who wants living quarter horse trailers from a reputable trailer dealer will feel like family after leaving Leonard Truck and Trailer.

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