Leonard Truck & Trailer Helps Ocala, Florida, Get Ready for Horse Shows with Saddles & Accessories

By Fiona Vernon

It feels like a breath of fresh air when a horse lover gets to hang out with like-minded peers after most of their events having been canceled last year. Knowing where to buy accessories to get ready for horse shows can be confusing with all the existing options. Equestrians and others from Wilmington, Ohio, to Dayton, Ohio, patronize Leonard Truck and Trailer because of the reputation that they have earned since establishing themselves in 1963. Whether someone in Ocala, Florida, needs a new saddle or another in Alpharetta, Georgia, needs work performed on their living quarter horse trailer, this reputable new and used trailer dealer has a wide selection of livestock, dump, travel, cargo, motorcycle, and ATV trailers. Additionally, their extensive service department provides all the repair, parts, and maintenance that anyone may need regardless of the project size. Individuals searching for the best prices, easy in-house financing, and nationwide delivery will love the results after one phone call to Leonard Truck and Trailer at 330.565.1327 or a visit to their website!

An equestrian spends a great deal of their life in the saddle with hours of practicing every day. Leonard Truck and Trailer’s mission is to make their customers as comfortable as possible during their training and competitions, so they proudly trust Bob’s Custom Saddles as one of their many offerings of horse show accessories. This international company’s exquisite variety of saddles are all hand-crafted from the finest trees, offering hand-tooling, hand-stitching, and hand-lay for the best product in the industry. Whether someone in Dayton wants extra padding with Hermann Oak leather and genuine sheepskin or another in Ocala loves the look of a sterling silver overlay, Leonard can help them find what they need to get ready for any horse show.

While Leonard Truck and Trailer has spent decades consistently keeping over 700 trailers on their lot, the pandemic has led to a shortage of supplies. This reputable trailer dealer still has an impressive selection of trailers at the best prices. Perhaps someone in Alpharetta is getting ready to visit the World Equestrian Center and wants to upgrade to a living quarter horse trailer to solve the issue of where to find lodging. Maybe someone in Wilmington is getting ready for fall and winter mudding and needs an ATV trailer. While Leonard spent 23 years only working with horse trailer manufacturers, they added a variety that would suit any business or personal application. They are now a one-stop trailer shop with a 23,000 square foot facility plus an 11,000 square foot service department that offers comprehensive repairs, parts, and maintenance. They provide easy in-house truck and trailer financing with nationwide delivery on everything from cargo, dump, and livestock trailers to motorcycle and travel trailers.

People are always looking for the best prices when they shop for small and large purchases. Whether an equestrian in Ocala, Florida, is getting ready for horse shows and needs a new saddle or another in Wilmington, Ohio, wants easy in-house financing on a motorcycle trailer, Leonard Truck and Trailer offers everything to keep them going. They have trailer maintenance that includes awning installation on a travel trailer or living quarter horse trailer. They have parts and perform repairs, handling any challenge placed before them. This reputable trailer dealer also has a wide selection of dump, livestock, cargo, ATV trailers, and so much more. For the best trailer prices with nationwide delivery and horse show accessories, people from Alpharetta, Georgia, to Dayton, Ohio, turn to Leonard Truck and Trailer for the best service in the industry!

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