Silca System Makes It Possible to Merge Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces in Portland, Oregon and Beyond

By Fiona Vernon

Many people from Portland, Oregon, to Providence, Rhode Island, are excited when nice weather arrives and they can move their entertainment into the fresh air and sunshine. Merging a home’s indoor and outdoor living space is a widespread trend that allows a seamless flow between an outdoor area, such as a kitchen, and an indoor area, such as a seating area. It also doubles the entertainment capacity with the simple opening of a few sliding doors. Keeping a visual flow between the two spaces will help create an effective design, since the idea is to establish as little division as possible. Ensuring that the floor is consistent throughout the entire area will lend to the continuity, and Silca System gives everyone the opportunity to choose any number of outdoor flooring options to blend with their indoor flooring, from natural stone and travertine pavers to marble, granite, or porcelain paver flooring. Maybe a homeowner has already transformed their wooden deck to a stone deck and wants to convert the area into an outdoor kitchen and blend it with the indoor seating. Whether someone in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is enjoying its optimal weather from May to September or another in Houston, Texas, is outdoors only from late February to early May, Silca System can help design a functional and fashionable entertainment area.

Anyone can imagine that they are having a dinner party where the rec room is inside yet blends with the outdoor entertainment area by simply opening a few doors. With the goal being to blur the distinction between the outdoors and in while adding functioning rooms, adding an outdoor kitchen is one of the most effective ideas. Silca System is a deck sub-floor that allows anyone from Minneapolis to Houston to transform their wooden deck to a stone deck and the choice of any outdoor or indoor flooring option for their new area. With this flooring and the proper deck construction, it will be strong enough to withstand the weight of a heavy-duty grill, firepit, shade structure, and much more. With Silca grates being non-proprietary, they can accommodate any type of high-quality travertine pavers, natural stone, marble, granite, porcelain paver flooring, which are all lower maintenance than wood and non-combustible if installing a kitchen or fireplace. Hosts will find it easy to place the food from the outdoor oven onto the buffet area, where people can serve themselves and choose between sitting at the beautiful wrought iron table outside or venture through the open French doors and take advantage of the indoor shade. Once the party has come to an end, the expansive doors can be closed to protect the indoors from the elements.

When individuals from Providence to Portland are researching how to merge indoor and outdoor living spaces, there are a few key points to follow to ensure its effectiveness. Keeping the spaces parallel to each other but separating them by large, sliding doors conceals the division; additionally, glass doors will create a visual flow even when the doors are closed. Cohesive flooring is important to create the illusion of the outside and inside being the same space, and Silca System can support many applications that not only transform wooden decks to stone decks, but tie in hardscaping, such as patio flooring and walkways. Homeowners can make any of their home design ideas come true with Silca System’s American-made plastic grates that will install on top of any surface to support any stone or paver that they have chosen for their decor. Silca System makes it so much easier to seamlessly tie the outdoor deck flooring into the indoor entertainment area.

Individuals from Houston, Texas, to Providence, Rhode Island, may have had the dream for years to have a beautiful outdoor entertainment area for dinner parties in a natural setting. While transforming their wooden deck to a stone deck with Silca Sytem grates, they start thinking outside the box and realize that their dream is exceedingly possible. They find that it would be easy to merge their indoor and outdoor living spaces by blending their outdoor kitchen area with their indoor rec room by adding large, glass doors. By using Silca System, they would greatly expand their ability to tie together their outdoor and indoor flooring options, whether their deck already has travertine pavers, natural stone, marble, granite, porcelain paver flooring. Creating a dream entertainment area for anyone in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or Portland, Oregon, is one simple phone call away to Silca System!

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