Businesses in and around Massillon, Ohio, Can Call Ohio Wraps for Mobile Media Advertising with Vehicle Wraps

By Fiona Vernon

Millions of individuals from Columbus, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, get into their cars every day and leave their house. They may be going to the grocery store a mile away, they may be going back and forth to work or school, or they may be driving to their favorite vacation spot. Regardless of their reason, they pass hundreds of vehicles that essentially look the same. Which ones do people tend to take a second look at? The ones that stand out! Any business can attract second looks by calling Ohio Wraps for vehicle or truck wraps. They specialize in company vehicle graphics and mobile billboards for Massillon, Ohio; Canton, Ohio, and beyond, and are running a special until the end of August where new customers can receive up to $800 off their full-sized van or box truck wrap. Not only can this amazing company take care of fleet graphics for semi-trucks, they can accommodate one’s need for banners or window and display graphics, so anyone looking for truck advertising can call the experts at Ohio Wraps for all their point-of-sale and mobile media advertising requirements.

When a company calls Ohio Wraps, the truck advertising a company chooses is only limited by their imagination! Vinyl vehicle wraps are mobile billboards that catch the eyes of thousands of people, whether it is sitting in a parking lot or driving down the road. They are a cost-effective way to promote any sized business, from a home business in Massillon to a food distribution center in Akron with the need for graphics for an entire fleet of tractor-trailers. A 3M study compared mobile media advertising to radio, TV, and print ads — finding that company vehicle graphics offer the lowest cost per impression. For example, television had the highest marketing cost at $23.70 per thousand, where radio had cost of $7.75 per thousand. Magazine, newspaper, prime-time television, and outdoor advertising fell somewhere in the middle of the top price and the lowest price of $0.48 per thousand, which represents fleet graphics, or mobile media advertising. Marketing has different effectiveness for every company that uses it; however, it’s hard to argue that $0.48 per thousand isn’t the best bang for someone’s buck in advertising, since it appears to thousands of people in a vast array of target audiences.

Ohio Wraps offers a wide variety of high-quality 3M graphic solutions to clients from Canton to Columbus that satisfy long-term campaigns, short-term promotions, or a combination of the two, whether it’s a box truck wrap or a fleet of delivery vehicles. Their vehicle wraps are made of 3M™ ControlTac™ Plus Graphic Film with PSA Comply™ Performance IJ-CV3-10 3M™ Scotchcal™ laminate Gloss 8518, which is a 2-mil opaque film that produces long-term, superior quality graphics with pressure-activated adhesive and 3M Comply™ Performance for easier installation of large fleet graphics. Ohio Wraps is 3M company certified, of which only three Ohio companies can claim. This certification is an intense process of 12 to 14-hour days at the 3M facility in Indianapolis followed by a rigorous test with hundreds of questions, causing the company that earns the certification to be extremely knowledgeable about the product and its installation on every medium. Some of the benefits of mobile media advertising include reaching qualified buyers along delivery routes and creating a powerful “referral” effect. Not only can vehicle wraps present a positive impression, but they can also cover imperfect vehicles, and prolong paint life.

Any sized company from Akron, Ohio, to Columbus, Ohio, is always attempting to figure out the best way that they can reach their target demographics. The greatest approach to deciding what works for each company is essentially experimentation, since advertising effectiveness varies by category. When compared to other media, the lowest rate of $0.48 that occurs per thousand, with mobile media advertising, or fleet graphics, is the most cost-effective marketing technique— especially with Ohio Wraps’ sale of up $800 off a new customer’s wrap order. Box truck wraps take advantage of, but don’t rely upon, the traffic patterns of the area in which the vehicle is located. Whether parked somewhere or driving along a delivery route, truck advertising in the form of vehicle wraps, can reach thousands of individuals from Columbus, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, on a single venture. When any company decides it is time to expand their customer base using mobile billboards, they can call Ohio Wraps and use their company vehicle graphics, banners, or any other point-of-sale for the most cost-effective way to reach people!

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