Lexington Quality Homes near Navarre, Ohio, Offers Affordable Housing Options with Their Custom-Built Homes

By Fiona Vernon

Individuals from North Canton, Ohio, to Hartville, Ohio, who are looking to move to a new home do so with a great amount of research and forethought. Many are trying to decide between building an affordable manufactured home so that they can create one to their own specifications and buying something already built in an established area. Many factors contribute to a person’s decision concerning affordable housing options, and it’s sometimes difficult deciphering all the information available on custom-built homes. Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience offered by Lexington Quality Homes when considering a new residence from Navarre, Ohio, to Louisville, Ohio, is helpful when someone is overwhelmed by all the material they uncover in their research. This local mobile home builder offers modular homes designed in a vast array of floor plans from 350 to 2,500 square feet with a great selection of amenities, so creativity is only limited by the homeowner’s imagination. Anyone looking to finally realize the completion of their dream home will be happy that they made the call to Lexington Quality Homes.

Maybe someone in Louisville has decided that they can appreciate the benefits of building a home and now must decide between on-site builds or manufactured and modular homes, which are much more cost-effective. The reason that they are such an affordable housing option is that they are built in a factory setting, so there are no weather delays and can be built much faster. They also don’t require home inspections, since they are performed in the factory throughout construction. These custom-built homes are much more energy-efficient, so the amount an owner pays in monthly utility expenses will be significantly less. Individuals in Navarre and beyond can call Lexington Quality Homes to take advantage of their years of knowledge and advice on what best suits a person’s lifestyle — whether someone already owns their lot or they are looking for one.

Lexington Quality Homes offers custom-built homes at the location of one’s choice, as well as a variety of new, used, and affordable manufactured homes in Hunter’s Point adult land lease community. Regardless of location, they offer modular homes in every price range that can feature amenities from fireplaces and kitchen islands to decks and enclosed patios, along with hundreds of other personalized characteristics. With a range of 500 to 2,500 square feet, two to five bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms, families of any size can affordably build a home in and around Hartville or North Canton with this local mobile home builders’ array of selections. They are also fully capable of handling any remodeling work, construction needs, and site improvements!

Any family from Hartville, Ohio, to Navarre, Ohio, that has decided the time has finally come to fulfill their desire to build their dream home can call Lexington Quality Homes for impressively affordable housing options. Their custom-built modular homes allow anyone to truly create their own space with the hundreds of customizable possibilities. When looking for an affordable manufactured home, this local mobile home builder offers the most personal service and has the main goal of making each client satisfied with their new dream home. Individuals from North Canton, Ohio, to Hartville, Ohio, can have any questions answered and begin their adventure into their ideal residence with one phone call to Lexington Quality Homes!

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