Families Can Trust Fraley Memory Productions for Bar and Bat Mitzvah Pictures and Filming in Hudson, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Every culture has different laws, traditions, and rituals, including at what point they view a child as coming of age and taking responsibility for their own actions. According to Jewish Law, a boy becomes a bar mitzvah at the age of 13 and a girl becomes a bat mitzvah at the age of 12. Not only do the parents no longer officially take responsibility for the child’s actions from a religious standpoint, but the bar or bat mitzvah can now lead prayer and other religious services in the family and community. This coming of age is accompanied by a ceremony and celebration! The festive meal and party that accompanies it is a joyous milestone, and Fraley Memory Productions in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, can help parents record the festivities with their on-site photography for bar or bat mitzvah pictures, as well as filming the occasion for antiquity’s sake. Whether the bar or bat mitzvah celebration is a small family affair in Fairlawn, Ohio, or a lavish event in Twinsburg, Ohio, to Hudson, Ohio, shared with the community, these affordable professional photographers and videographers are one simple phone call away!

The first written proof of bar or bat mitzvahs dates back to the fifth century. At the point that the child would come of age in the Jewish community’s eyes, the father would thank God for freeing him from responsibility for the child’s deeds, who now becomes accountable for their own religious actions. Many people think that the event is called the bar or bat mitzvah, but it’s the candidate that owns the title. The accepted responsibilities of the new bar mitzvah have evolved over the centuries to the modern day acceptances of being permitted to read from the Torah, chant the weekly prophetic portion, and lead religious services. Religious reformers in the 19th century developed the confirmation ceremony to get away from the intense focus on the ritualistic aspects. Families from Hudson to Fairlawn whose children are preparing for their bar or bat mitzvah make decisions for the celebration based on what they feel is appropriate for the occasion, but regardless of size, parents will want to preserve these landmark memories with bar or bat mitzvah pictures.

The family decides how many people and with whom to share this significant event and how lavish the celebration will be. The child usually chants the prophetic reading at his or her ceremony, so taking advantage of bar or bat mitzvah filming would allow families to look back on this momentous occasion as often as they prefer. Many children from Twinsburg to Cuyahoga Falls also lead the prayer services, and these memories will last a lifetime. Fraley Memory Productions gives anyone the possibility of revisiting the proud moment with their bar and bat mitzvah pictures whether the celebration meal and party are conservative with only family, or involve a larger event with the entire Jewish community. These affordable professional photographers and videographers can shoulder the stress of capturing the event’s memories instead of the parents. Fraley Memory Productions offers on-site photography to preserve the jubilant experience.

Coming of age and becoming responsible for one’s own actions marks a significant juncture in every child’s life from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Hudson, Ohio. In the Jewish community, the bar or bat mitzvah is recognized on this occasion by reading from the Torah, leading services, and sharing a meal and celebration. Fraley Memory Productions in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, can capture the joyful moments with their on-site photography, resulting in beautiful, high-quality bar and bat mitzvah pictures and filming. Anyone in Twinsburg, Ohio, and beyond looking for affordable professional photographers and videographers will be happy they made the call to Fraley Memory Productions. A family’s milestone can be saved for eternity!

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