Businesses and Homeowners Alike Can Call Lehman Awning Company for Custom Patio Canopies in Wooster, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Perhaps an entrepreneur in New Philadelphia, Ohio, is starting a new business and is deciding how to best represent themselves to the community, because they know that one’s signage and point of sale are their best advertising. They decide to call Lehman Awning Company for a custom commercial awning displaying their logo. Depending on their building layout, they may have more options, like custom patio canopies that can help make a business or home more energy efficient while adding a unique décor. Someone in Massillon, Ohio, may love to sit outside on their deck every evening, winding down after a long day, and porch roll curtains with an outdoor heater can make this possible even in the winter! This local awning company also specializes in truck tarp repair and replacement to protect those important loads. When people from Wooster, Ohio, to Youngstown, Ohio, are looking for awning installation to add a little style to one’s home or storefront, Lehman Awning Company is the place to call for quality, award-winning service.

Late summer is the perfect time of year for anyone from New Philadelphia to Youngstown to sit outside and enjoy the weather. There is a summer breeze blowing and the sun is shining, helping individuals relax and take a few moments to appreciate life. Many people would like to enjoy this perk of the weather on their patio but only can at certain times of the day with either the morning or afternoon sun beating down too hard in that particular place. Lehman Awning Company can easily solve this problem with a custom patio canopy or porch roll curtains, allowing residents to sit on their porch regardless of the time of day. Studies show that custom patio canopies can create a comfortable shaded area that is up to 20 degrees cooler compared to sitting directly in the sunlight. Calling this local awning company for awning installation can also reduce the temperature of the indoors up to 15 degrees, which causes the air conditioner to work less, saving energy and money. Sitting outside in the fall and winter is still a possibility with the use of a propane patio heater and porch roll curtains from Lehman Awning Company. They want everyone to be able to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and the feel of the sun on their skin year-round!

Businesses are always researching methods to best appeal to potential new clientele; however, they sometimes forget that first impressions are the most important. Any company in Wooster and beyond can call Lehman Awning Company for beautiful décor that saves them energy while simultaneously attracting new customers. Graphics are only limited to one’s imagination, so creating a custom commercial awning to draw people in can be fun. The shape of the awning can be made to fit any area, whether a walkway cover is necessary, an awning to cover windows, or one to cover an outside patio at a restaurant. Any company in and around Massillon can rely on the honest and reliable awning installation that Lehman Awning Company has been providing since 1940. They don’t just pay attention to the physical location of businesses, but can also help those that deliver products or the companies that deliver to them. When a load needs protected by a tarp, this local awning company specializes in custom truck tarp repair and replacement. These tarp experts can create a custom tarp for any industrial rig or commercial vehicle with one simple phone call.

With the reliability and experience that family-owned and operated Lehman Awning Company has been providing to commercial and residential customers for almost 80 years in Wooster, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; and beyond, business owners can create a memorable first impression with a custom commercial awning. Eye-catching awning installations can not only draw in new clients, but also help increase energy savings by blocking the harshness of the sun’s rays in the summer. This local awning company can also help homeowners from Youngstown, Ohio, to New Philadelphia, Ohio, get the most benefit from the outdoors while extending their living space by installing a custom patio canopy or porch roll curtains. With the addition of an outdoor heater, this space can also be used during chillier evenings — crisp air is just as refreshing as warm breezes. Lehman Awning Company can go from beauty to necessity with their truck tarp repair and replacement, ensuring one’s load reaches its destination intact and on time. Businesses, drivers, and homeowners alike can make one simple phone call to this local awning company for reliable, trustworthy service!

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