Pier & Co., LLC Arranges Professional Tag & Estate Sales with Antique Appraisal & Consignment in West Akron, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Individuals go through life surrounding themselves with people and personal affects that they love; however, circumstances may arise when it becomes necessary to part with a portion of their belongings. Whether someone in West Akron, Ohio, has just lost their beloved grandmother and requires a total estate clean out or a realtor needs furnishing for a real estate staging in Fairlawn, Ohio, Pier & Co., LLC has been a trusted name for over 40 years in professional tag and estate sales — with expertise including, but not limited to, estate consignment of home furnishings, antique appraisal, and auction placement of fine art and jewelry. This tag and estate sale company not only can arrange private bidding on house contents, but their services also extend to finding international investors and buyers for art and other unique objects. Everyone from Bath, Ohio, to Richfield, Ohio, who is in need of the liquidation of residential contents with pickup can rely on the knowledge and experience of Pier & Co., LLC. Call, visit, or see their Facebook Page today!

The liquidation of residential contents may feel like the end of an era, but it doesn’t have to be a sad occasion. It can just mean that the past fifty years of accumulating trinkets and furnishings has gotten a bit out of hand and it’s time to declutter. Individuals from Fairlawn to Bath can call the experienced workforce at Pier & Co., LLC to sell or consign their home furnishings. Individuals can rely on this tag and estate sale company for professional traditional estate or tag sales, as well as coordinating auction placement of valuable items, such as fine art, jewelry, and other collections. Throughout their decades of experience, they have built a comprehensive network of collectors, so they have a vast set of connections when they need to find international investors and buyers of art objects.

Not only can Pier & Co., LLC offer estate consignment to everyone from Richfield to West Akron who calls for a total estate cleanout, but they also provide antique appraisals. They have expertise in valuation of antiques, art, oriental rugs, quality jewelry, collectibles, and home furnishings. They also provide a wide selection of furniture, art, and decor that helps designers with real estate staging. Making a property look its best is the optimal way to achieve the best return on investment, and this tag and estate sale company has a plethora of reasonably priced items that can be resold or consigned after they have served their purpose. Pier & Co, LLC realizes that each sale requires an individualized approach, so they can arrange private bidding on entire household contents. Their total estate cleanouts involve selling, donating, disposal, and getting the property real estate ready — all with household furnishing delivery and pick-up. Pier & Co., LLC’s superior service and wide-ranging services can relieve the stress involved in organizing personal possessions.

Families from Bath, Ohio, to West Akron, Ohio, don’t often have to go through the process of cleaning out the contents of a loved one’s home so calling a professional that has been handling the liquidation of residential contents with tag and estate sales for over 40 years is essential to remaining sane. One phone call to the experts at Pier & Co., LLC can instantly relieve their client’s anxiety of having to orchestrate the entire process, since they do everything — including the consignment of home furnishings with pick-up, total estate cleanout with auction placement of fine art, jewelry, and collections, and upscale products for real estate staging. This tag and estate sale company goes above and beyond with their ability to coordinate private bidding on household contents, as well as boasting a network of buyers of art objects and assisting in finding international investors. Anyone from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Richfield, Ohio, requiring anything from estate consignment to antique appraisals will be fully satisfied with the knowledge that they discover at Pier & Co., LLC.

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