Smyrna, Tennessee, Trusts Precision Garage Door of Nashville When Facing the Dangers of an Old Garage Door

By Fiona Vernon

The past 100 years have allowed individuals to experience lives full of technology that makes their existence more convenient. People take everyday things for granted, from the timer on the coffee pot to their automatic garage door. Natural wear and tear is a part of life, so when any homeowner from Smyrna, Tennessee, to Franklin, Tennessee, needs residential garage door services, they can rely on the experts at Precision Garage Door of Nashville. No one can really prepare for the dangers of an old garage door, but knowing what local garage door company to call is essential when they hear a loud crack only to discover a broken torsion spring. Precision Garage Door of Nashville not only employs highly-trained technicians to help consult with different styles and colors of standard or custom carriage house, steel, and wood energy-efficient garage doors, but they also offer 24-hour garage door services for those who need to be somewhere but can’t get their door open due a garage door misalignment or any other issue. Everyone from Clarksville, Tennessee, to Lebanon, Tennessee, can rely on Precision Garage Door of Nashville to add beauty to their home with affordable garage door installation or any type of garage door repair.

Routine maintenance helps keep any apparatus in good operating order and reliable for many years, and while some tasks can safely and easily be performed by a homeowner, it’s best to let the professionals at Precision Garage Door of Nashville handle anything beyond tasks that involve lubricating a garage door or aligning the safety eyes. Even lubricating a garage door requires a product approved specifically for this task to ensure continued safety. This local residential garage door company has been helping customers from Franklin to Clarksville with affordable garage door repair and installation of any size, from reprogramming garage door remotes to complete replacement. Garage doors last approximately ten to twelve years. They are fine-tuned mechanisms with many components working together to lift and lower something that can weigh up to 300 pounds. While their construction includes many safety features, natural deterioration creates a variety of dangers when they become an old. They become looser and less secure as they age, making them easier for a burglar to navigate them.

Torsion and extension springs lift garage doors and are constantly under a great deal of tension. Most springs are designed to last about 10,000 cycles, which equals seven years of usage at four times each day, but corrosion and rust due to lack of maintenance can cause them to deteriorate more rapidly. A spring suddenly breaking apart can cause serious injury to belongings or anyone standing nearby, from the spring or the hundreds of pounds of garage door that may come crashing down. Precision Garage Door of Nashville provides 24-hour emergency garage door services for those who find that their door won’t open, whether it’s due to a broken torsion or extension spring or a garage door misalignment. Many people from Smyrna to Lebanon who have attempted to repair the spring themselves have been injured by the weight of the spring, since they don’t own the proper equipment. Homeowners can add beauty to their home and prevent dangerous situations by replacing their garage door with the wide selection of styles and colors that this local garage door company offers — including energy-efficient steel, wood, carriage house, and custom garage doors. James Vogler had this to say:

“Spot on customer service and on time. Lawrence spotted more than just a busted spring and corrected the issue. I strongly recommend Precision Door for inspection, service and installation.”

Whether an individual in Clarksville, Tennessee, is looking to add beauty to their home with a carriage house garage door or a homeowner in Smyrna, Tennessee, has a steel garage door that is giving them issues, Precision Garage Door of Nashville provides affordable residential garage door installation and repair services. The dangers of an old garage door include broken torsion springs and garage door misalignment, but the highly-trained technicians at this local garage door company provide 24-hour garage door services so that people can back to their busy lives as soon as possible. Everyone from Lebanon, Tennessee, to Franklin, Tennessee, in need of energy-efficient wood or custom garage door repair or installation will love the superior customer service that is done right the first time when they call Precision Garage Door of Nashville.

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