Bath, Ohio, Can Trust Precision Garage Door of Akron for Affordable 24-Hour Service on a Broken Torsion Spring

By Fiona Vernon

Many modern conveniences exist that individuals use multiple times a day but take for granted, from the doorknob to their pantry to the garage door. Natural wear and tear is a part of life, so when any homeowner from Portage Lakes, Ohio, to Medina, Ohio, needs residential garage door services, they can rely on the experts at Precision Garage Door of Akron. No one can really prepare for the potential dangers of an old garage door but knowing what local garage door company to call is essential when they hear a booming noise only to discover a broken torsion spring and the ability to leave one’s house. Precision Garage Door of Akron not only employs highly-trained technicians to help advise customers regarding different styles and colors of custom and standard carriage house, steel, and wood energy-efficient garage doors, but they also offer 24-hour garage door services for those who need to be somewhere but can’t get their door open due a garage door misalignment or any other issue. Everyone from Tallmadge, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, can rely on Precision Garage Door of Akron whether they want to add beauty to their home or simply find affordable garage door repair or installation.

Garage doors are finely-tuned mechanisms with many components that work together to lift and lower something that can weigh up to 300 pounds, and they typically last ten to twelve years. While they are constructed with many safety features, natural deterioration creates many dangers when a garage door gets old. They become looser and less secure as they age, meaning it’s easier for a burglar to break it. Routine maintenance helps keep it in good operating order and reliable for many years. Some tasks can safely and easily be performed by the homeowner; however, it’s best to let the professionals at Precision Garage Door of Akron handle anything beyond projects like lubricating a garage door or aligning the safety eyes. Even lubricating a garage door requires products approved for the specific task to ensure continued safety. This local residential garage door company has been helping customers from Medina to Tallmadge with issues from reprogramming garage door remotes to affordable garage door repair and installation.

Garage doors are lifted by torsion and extension springs that are constantly under a great deal of tension. When one suddenly breaks, it can cause serious injury to belongings or anyone standing nearby when it occurs — not to mention the hundreds of pounds of garage door that can possibly come crashing down. Most springs are designed to last about 10,000 cycles, which equals seven years of usage at four times each day; however, corrosion and rust due to lack of maintenance can cause it to deteriorate more rapidly. Precision Garage Door of Akron provides 24-hour emergency garage door services for those who find that their door won’t open, whether it’s due to a broken torsion or extension spring or a garage door misalignment. Many people from Portage Lakes to Bath have attempted to repair springs themselves but have been injured by the weight of the spring or working without the proper equipment. Homeowners can call the professionals at Precision Garage of Akron to replace their garage door before its lifespan has ended to prevent dangerous situations, while adding beauty to their home with the wide selection of styles and colors that this local garage door company offers — including energy-efficient steel, wood, carriage house, and custom garage doors. Their superior customer service is well renowned, and William Cox had this to say:

“Recently we had to replace our garage door. We ended up just replacing everything (opener, door, track, and springs). Tim came out and installed everything and we couldn’t be happier with the results. He really did a great job.”

Whether an individual in Tallmadge, Ohio, has a steel garage door that is giving them issues or a homeowner in Portage Lakes, Ohio, is looking to add beauty to their home with a carriage house garage door, Precision Garage Door of Akron provides affordable residential garage door installation and repair services. The dangers of an old garage door include broken torsion springs and garage door misalignment, but the highly-trained technicians at this local garage door company provide 24-hour garage door services to get people quickly back to their busy lives. Everyone from Bath, Ohio, to Medina, Ohio, in need of energy-efficient wood or custom garage door repair or installation will love the superior customer service done right the first time when they call Precision Garage Door of Akron.

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