Graphic Accents Protects Dover, Ohio, Cars from Scratches & Retain Trade-In Values with Paint Protection Film

By Fiona Vernon

When individuals invest their hard-earned money into something in which they are passionate, they want to protect it so that it endures for many years. Whether an entrepreneur in Twinsburg, Ohio, allocated his savings toward opening a business and wants to attract new customers with cost-effective advertising or a sales representative in Tallmadge, Ohio, wants to protect his new dream vehicle from scratches, bugs, and salt, Graphic Accents installs the best custom designed, color change, or clear vehicle wraps and auto bras. This local vehicle wrap shop not only helps retain a car’s trade-in value with 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film, but they also provide truck graphics, race car wraps, signs and banners, and logo design. Every business and vehicle owner from Dover, Ohio, to Youngstown, Ohio, can count on Graphic Accents to help them prepare their vehicles for winter, as well as help their business thrive.

Regardless of the number of miles a car accumulates, whether driving many hours a day from Youngstown to Twinsburg to only driving it casually on beautiful days in the summer, there is a 100% chance that something will cause damage to its flawless paint job. 3M Scotchgard paint protection film installed by the certified experts at Graphic Accents can prepare a vehicle for winter and every season by protecting it from rock salt, bugs, and scratches that occur over time with normal usage. This local vehicle wrap shop’s maintenance-free clear vehicle wraps and auto bras boast unrivaled scratch and stain resistance with exceptional clarity that resists yellowing. With advancements in chemical and automotive technology throughout the years, this paint protection features a self-healing technology, making most scratches disappear. It is so durable and trustworthy that they back it with a 10-year warranty. Graphic Accents also excels at installing color change wraps for those wanting to retain their vehicle’s trade-in value while experimenting with new colors, which can later be removed without altering the original paint.

The goal of starting a business is to offer services and products to clientele. People love spreading their passion to others while constantly searching for ways to help their business thrive. Every company from Dover to Tallmadge who calls Graphic Accents for the best custom designed vehicle wraps will witness their creative ideas brought to life. Whether it be semi, car, van, or truck graphics, this local vehicle wrap shop essentially creates a mobile billboard. This is the most cost-effective form of advertising at $.77 per CPM (cost per thousand impressions) when compared to an average 30-second prime time TV ad at $17.78 per CPM, 60-second drive time radio ad at $8.61 per CPM, and billboards at $2.18 per CPM. Graphic Accents not only helps other businesses attract new customers with highly-detailed custom designed vehicle wraps and truck graphics, but they also create a wide selection of marketing materials on their large format printers — including signs and banners, factory safety signage, window murals, wall graphics, and logo design.

Everyone from Dover, Ohio, to Twinsburg, Ohio, can call Graphic Accents for the most cost-effective advertising by turning their vehicle into a moving billboard. They not only install custom-designed vehicle wraps and truck graphics, but they also create signs and banners and innovative logo designs. This local vehicle wrap shop not only helps fellow businesses thrive, but they also install 3M Scotchgard Vehicle Paint Protection Film that helps any driver protect one of their most valuable assets from bugs, rock salt, and scratches. Individuals will love the professionally installed clear auto bras, clear vehicle wraps, and color change wraps that can help each car, truck, van, or SUV retain its trade-in value. Everyone from Youngstown, Ohio, to Tallmadge, Ohio, who either wants to prepare their vehicle for winter or attract new customers can rely on the experts at Graphic Accents to satisfy their individual demands!
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