People in Atlanta, Georgia, Can Prevent Holiday Weight Gain with Affordable Treadmills at Premier Fitness Source

By Fiona Vernon

It is officially the holiday season and temperatures are more consistently chilly from Atlanta, Georgia, to Pooler, Georgia. Soon the twinkling lights will create childlike pleasure in all who see them, and the indulgences of food and beverage will tempt everyone. Many individuals from Savannah, Georgia, to Marietta, Ohio, have been contemplating how to prevent holiday weight gain, and Premier Fitness Source can help with their affordable treadmills, adaptive motion trainers, lateral trainers, and ellipticals for home gyms. Several methods exist to assist in keeping pounds off during the holidays — including using home exercise machines, such as bike desks, and planning out how to consume food wisely. With the extra expenditure of money on Christmas presents and amenities for entertaining in December and beyond, this fitness equipment store can simultaneously help anyone increase their activity while guaranteeing the lowest prices on fitness equipment, as well as offer exercise machine financing.

One of the most effective methods of preventing holiday weight gain is to take advantage of home exercise machines upon waking in the morning. Studies show that individuals who increase their activity in the mornings were more apt to avoid excessive, unhealthy treats and even moved more the rest of the day. Perhaps a stay at home mom in Pooler uses the time when her baby takes a nap to use her adaptive motion trainer, or a teacher wakes an hour early to use his lateral trainer. Those people will likely feel more energy throughout the day, as well as boost their metabolic activity. Premier Fitness Source guarantees the lowest prices on fitness equipment, as well as offering exercise machine financing to help their customers avoid overextending themselves right before the holidays. Exercise doesn’t have to be done all at once in the morning. It can be in smaller increments throughout the day, and this fitness equipment store carries a vast array of options for anyone from Savannah to Atlanta who likes to multi-task, like bike desks, which can be used while on the computer or reading a book.

Whether an individual in Marietta prefers an affordable treadmill or elliptical in their home gym, there are additional practices to implement with exercises that will help prevent holiday weight gain. Wearing form-fitting clothing can help a person feel good about themselves, causing them to rethink any of those unhealthy treats in the breakroom during the holiday season. Not arriving at that holiday party hungry will assist in curbing how much someone eats and drinks, and focusing on socializing also helps someone turn their attention away from the food and drink available. Liquids are sneaky calories, so being aware of what one is drinking is essential to monitoring those incoming calories. A person weighing 155 pounds walking at 3.5 MPH on a treadmill will burn about 298 calories, and that’s about the calorie load of a small glass of eggnog. Adaptive Motion Trainers are a combination of an elliptical, a treadmill, and a stepper that adjusts to someone’s preferred body motion, from a stepping oriented leg movement to an extended stride, and the average person can burn about 800 calories in an hour on this comprehensive cardio machine. Whether someone decides to indulge in every treat and exercise harder or combine exercise with awareness, Premier Fitness Source offers the guaranteed lowest prices on fitness equipment, from affordable treadmills and rowers to ellipticals and stationary bikes.

There are methods that can be practiced when individuals from Atlanta, Georgia, to Savannah, Georgia, are planning to prevent holiday weight gain, from increasing activity with home exercise machines to limiting the number of treats ingested. Not only can Premier Fitness Source guarantee the lowest prices on fitness equipment with superior customer service, they also offer exercise machine financing so that anyone can take advantage of their affordable treadmills, adaptive motion trainers, lateral trainers, bike desks, and elliptical in their home gym, even while keeping on pace with their Christmas shopping. Anyone can visit one of the four locations from Pooler, Georgia, to Marietta, Georgia, of this fitness equipment store for advice, information, and anything else they need to burn off those extra holiday calories.
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