Businesses in Tallmadge, Ohio, Can Use Section 179 on Commercial Trucks, Cars & Vans at Park Ford

By Fiona Vernon

A commercial vehicle is defined as any type of motor vehicle used for transporting goods or passengers. A section 179 deductible is applicable on purchased property for business use, from computers and office equipment to property and commercial vehicles. Park Ford in Tallmadge, Ohio, carries a vast array of commercial vehicles for anyone from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, who want to take advantage of section 179 before the end of the year. Whether a food distributor needs a commercial car for their sales fleet or a snow plow company needs a commercial truck to effectively provide for all their customers, this local Ford dealership has a wide selection of various sized new Ford vehicles. Commercial vans, like the Ford Transit, are very useful for all tradesman, since they are the perfect size for carrying all tools and products necessary for a day’s work. Any business from Akron, Ohio, and beyond can take advantage of Park Ford’s Commercial Truck Season for the best deals on the best vehicles!

Section 179 of the IRS Code was established with the idea of helping small businesses by allowing them to take a depreciation deduction for certain assets in one year rather than depreciating them over an extended timeframe. Commercial vehicles fall into that category, and being the last month of the year is a perfect time to take advantage of Commercial Truck Season at Park Ford in Tallmadge. This local Ford dealership can help any tradesman in Fairlawn and beyond with their wide selection of commercial vans, such as the Ford Transit series. The Ford Transit is a full-size cargo van that offers features of a regular wheel base or a long one, as well as being available in a high-roof model for impressive interior cargo height.

It is the ideal time of year for anyone whose business has grown and finds themselves in need of fleet of vehicles. Perhaps a landscaper in Kent offers snow plowing services during the winter and has seen an increase in his customer base. He simply needs to visit Park Ford in his search for commercial trucks, like the Ford F-450 4×4 — with its 7-way spade trailer plug, western wide-out steel snowplow with 8’ blade and handheld cab command control, and Meyer stainless steel tailgate spreader. Whether an exterminator in Akron needs a new Ford vehicle for their fleet or a foodservice company needs new commercial cars for the sales reps, this local Ford dealership has the vehicle for them to take full advantage of Section 179 before the end of the year.

It is Commercial Truck Season at Park Ford and any small business from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, can rely upon their impressive selection of new Ford commercial vehicles. This local Ford dealership in Tallmadge, Ohio, carries not only commercial trucks, but also commercial cars for fleets, and commercial vans, such as the Ford Transit. Any business in and around Akron, Ohio, can take advantage of the Section 179 deduction when they have deemed that it is time to expand their fleet and extend their finances simultaneously. One visit can save any business time and money!
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