People in Cleveland, Ohio, Can Relieve Their Boredom with Cold Weather Activities at Trapped! Escape Room!

By Fiona Vernon

The temperatures are continuing to fall from Broadview Heights, Ohio, to Mentor, Ohio, and people are constantly looking for new and exciting things to do in the winter. There are numerous locations to ice skate throughout Cleveland, Ohio, and while sledding is fun, it can only be enjoyed when there is a good layer of snow on the ground. To counteract these ordinary activities that aren’t always available, Trapped! Escape Room offers a fun night out for individuals in search of cold weather activities that relieve the boredom of their usual life. One of the four locations of this escape room game can offer all the cold weather games for a unique and fun family or friends’ night out. Anyone in Parma, Ohio, and beyond can book one of the vast array of rooms at this indoor gaming facility to effectively use their puzzle solving skills while enjoying the exciting weekend activities offered at Trapped! Escape Room.

Sitting around a fire in Mentor while drinking eggnog or hot cocoa is very satisfying, but there are only so many nights that it will remain enjoyable. While being relaxing, it doesn’t necessarily stimulate one’s mind or solve the need for a fun night out. Anyone in Broadview Heights who is looking for things to do in the Cleveland winter can count on the imaginative escape room games created in any one of the four locations of Trapped! Escape Room. This indoor gaming facility is perfect whether someone is advanced at puzzle solving skills or simply likes to increase their adrenaline and enjoy the excitement of a weekend activity or family night out.

There are a variety of rooms from which to choose at Trapped! Escape Room for those who are looking for cold weather activities from Parma to Mentor. Any one of their cold weather games can satisfy the need to relieve the boredom created by being indoors too long when the temperatures plummet in winter. The rooms are 60 minutes of analyzing and solving clues to open a theoretically locked door, with the exception of an occasional 30-minute challenge. Any number of themes can be found at this indoor gaming facility, from a Zombie Garage to an Enchanted Forest. The Zombie Garage involves a mechanic turning into a zombie before he can activate the ultimate zombie killing device he invented, and the planet will be taken over by the zombie plague unless the weapon is activated in the next 60 minutes. The Edge of the Enchanted Forest refers to a magical land found in a tiny cupboard while an individual is on tour at a historical home. One must prove their worthiness to the Tree of Travelers by passing tests before they are destroyed. Each room has requirements of groups from two to 10 people and difficulties from easy to challenging, and offer a variety of fun themes that will appeal to any personality.

Individuals looking for a fun night out to relieve the boredom of their usual cold weather activities can find a family night out at Trapped! Escape Room in any one of their four locations throughout Parma, Ohio, and all Cleveland, Ohio. This indoor gaming facility offers a vast array of themes using puzzle solving in their escape room games to unlock the door within an hour. Anyone from Broadview Heights, Ohio, to Mentor, Ohio, looking for things to do in the winter that are above and beyond their normal weekend activity will find all the cold weather games to satisfy their search for excitement at Trapped! Escape Room!

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