People in and Around North Canton, Ohio, Love Ohio Tea Company’s Delicious Matcha Tea that is 15% Off

By Fiona Vernon

In the early morning, the sky is just waking up and so are the residents of Independence, Ohio, and beyond. With the birds singing and the sky blooming beautiful hues, nothing is more satisfying to one just rising out of bed than a steaming, delicious cup of tea. The people of North Canton, Ohio, are excited to learn more of teas like green and matcha tea at Ohio Tea Company. There are many benefits of drinking tea, and those in and around Fairlawn, Ohio, know that this local tea company offers a huge quantity of teas that allow everyone to dabble in the art of tea drinking. If residents from New Philadelphia, Ohio, are looking for a warm, delectable drink for any time of day, then they can be sure that they will find what they are looking for using the services of Ohio Tea Company. If a teetotaler is looking for teas high in antioxidants, then the loose-leaf teas offered by this established tea company are perfect for the occasion. With it being Matcha Madness all month long, those who desire a delectable treat will be pleased to know that they can receive 15% off all matcha and matcha accessories. This month of matcha celebration is also a great learning experience for the culture surrounding tea, like the Japanese tea ceremony and more.

It was thought by the ancient Japanese that tea was a gift from the gods that held restorative and great spiritual power on Earth. Today, the Japanese tea Ceremony still holds significance within the culture, but the rules around drinking teas like matcha have loosened. The ancients who lived and breathed tea were correct about something, though — that matcha tea is very special. Because matcha is made from high quality tea and the leaves are used whole, it’s a more potent source of nutrients than regular, steeped green tea. Matcha Tea not only provides vitamins and minerals, but it is also high in antioxidants called polyphenols. These polyphenols are tied to research that shows their effectiveness in protecting against heart disease and cancer, as well as blood sugar regulation, blood pressure reduction, and anti-ageing properties. Matcha not only offers a great flavor profile, but it is now also served cold and can be found in smoothies, lattes, ice creams, and even baked goods.

Residents of North Canton and beyond can find this fascinating and healthy matcha tea at Ohio Tea Company. In celebration of Matcha Madness, all through the month of March, this local tea company is offering 15% off all matcha and matcha accessories. If one is looking for a tasty treat or a morning pick-me-up, they can be assured that their loose-leaf teas are top quality products that bring healthy and happy together. The residents from New Philadelphia to Fairlawn are fawning over the benefits of drinking tea; additionally, they can be assured that tea contains plenty of health-boosting antioxidants while containing less caffeine than a cup of coffee. Tea may also reduce one’s risk of heart attacks and other life-threatening afflictions. Teas offered by Ohio Tea Company can also help with weight loss. For the people in and around Independence, it’s a no-brainer where they can get high-quality tea for the best prices.

The people of North Canton, Ohio, are thrilled about the unbeatable deals offered over the month of Matcha Madness. With 15% off Matcha tea and matcha accessories, residents from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, are stocking up on their favorite matcha blends. While knowing all the benefits of drinking tea, like the dose of cancer fighting polyphenols and more, this local tea company has an abundance of high-quality teas that are high in antioxidants that range from green tea to various loose-leaf teas. Those in and around New Philadelphia, Ohio, are rejoicing for this local tea company and the great deals it has to offer for the excellent teas they sell. Whether one is participating in a Japanese tea ceremony or they are just looking forward to a calm weekend morning with steaming mug in hand, they can be assured that Ohio Tea Company has just the product for which they’ve been searching. 

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