Residents of Cleveland, Ohio, Love Dining at La Dolce Vita for the Addictively Fresh Cooked Pasta

By Fiona Vernon

The evening is upon the residents of Cleveland, Ohio, and stomachs are beginning to rumble with dinner on the horizon. If one wants to take their family out for a treat, then this local Italian restaurant is the perfect place. Being a restaurant that uses local and organic ingredients, La Dolce Vita is the perfect family friendly venue that offers a wide variety of authentic Italian cuisine that everyone will enjoy. The people living in and around Maple Heights, Ohio, are thrilled to have access to this restaurant and bistro that is devoted to providing a relaxed and happy atmosphere for everything from eight course dinners to a delicious cup of coffee. With the option of fresh cooked pasta available in their Lenten specials, people from Parma, Ohio, to Lakewood, Ohio, are lining up around the block to eat some quality food and drink delicious Italian wines. Not only does this restaurant create an incredible and authentic atmosphere, but it is the perfect place to host a romantic dinner with a loved one. If that isn’t enough to draw an individual to this fine establishment, which has been in operation since 1914, then the promise of the next opera night is sure to draw one in!

With pasta fresh cooked to order and sauces painstakingly prepared using only the finest ingredients, this local Italian restaurant is the place to be when the sun is setting, and the tables are filling with the hungry residents of Cleveland and beyond looking for Lenten specials. People all around Parma have been saying non-stop great things about this extraordinary cuisine, such as,

”this place is exceptional…the ownership and staff make the whole experience!”

La Dolce Vita offers delicious and gorgeous authentic Italian cuisine that includes dishes like Pesto Omar Pasta, which is a blend of fresh basil, parmesan cheese, and extra virgin olive oil, or Veal ‘Pavarotti’, which includes a classic veal tenderloin and portabella mushrooms sautéed in a marsala wine sauce. With options for everyone in the family, this restaurant is one of which everybody will keep wanting more.

Those from Parma to Maple Heights are loving the various menu options and delicious meals offered by La Dolce Vita. This is a restaurant is for diners looking for places that uses organic products and local ingredients. With dishes such as the Vitelo Di Verona, which includes simmered plum tomatoes and white wine sauce topped with artichokes, veggies, and pecarino romano over a veal tenderloin, this restaurant is known locally for its addictively delicious foods. Not only is the food great, but the atmosphere is the perfect setting for any romantic dinner, take it from a customer who says

”I was there with my girlfriend today…amazing food & staff! Mr. Tarantino treated us like we were the king & queen from England…”

Not only do they constantly receive great reviews, but La Dolce Vita also offers an upcoming opera night on March 26th at 6:30 pm. Anyone in or around Lakewood, can join this family restaurant for an amazing atmosphere, great food, and delectable Italian wines.

With enticing food for everyone, this local Italian restaurant is the perfect place for those from Parma, Ohio, to Maple Heights, Ohio, to enjoy a great date night and romantic dinner with their loved ones. As a restaurant that uses local ingredients and organic products, La Dolce Vita is great for any family and has food that will be loved by everyone. Diners can order anything from the Grecco Pizza, which houses spinach, artichokes, feta cheese, and mozzarella cheese, to a delicious bowl of wedding soup and still get that desired dose of authentic Italian cuisine while taking advantage of Lenten specials. Not only do they offer this delicious food, but they have a wide selection of over 200 delectable Italian wines. Those from Cleveland, Ohio, to Lakewood, Ohio, will not be disappointed in La Dolce Vita’s fresh cooked pasta while they are enjoying opera night on March 26th. With amazing food and a relaxing and authentic ambiance, this Italian restaurant is one that people all around are looking forward to enjoying.
La Dolce Vita
12112 Mayfield Rd
Cleveland, OH 44106
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