One Solution Computer Networking & Repair in Canton, Ohio Offers Tips on How to Avoid Pirated Software

With hackers around the world growing in number and skill, it can be hard to spot piracy scams. Oftentimes we try to find the best deals on computer software, only to learn that the inexpensive product we thought was legitimate is actually an unauthorized copy of the real thing. Not only does this form of piracy take away from the individuals who spend their time making these products, but you can actually find yourself in danger of copyright infringement yourself if you’re not careful. Thankfully, One Solution Computer Networking & Repair in Canton, Ohio knows all about safe computer software and the best ways to determine if the product you purchased came directly from the manufacturer. This local business helps Massillon, Ohio and Louisville, Ohio residents by offering tips on how to avoid pirated software. If you’re wary of buying a piece of stolen property, read on to learn how to tell the difference between legitimate and copied software.

When you purchase Microsoft software that isn’t already installed on your PC, it comes packaged with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) sticker attached to it. This label is always attached to retail packaging, so if you find that it is missing, that is probably your first clue that you may have purchased an unauthorized copy. If the product does have a COA, keep an eye out for the special security features that Microsoft includes in every COA. Security thread is woven into the paper and color shifting ink is used that changes from green to magenta when you view the label from different angles. One of the best ways to spot piracy scams is to double check the packaging for the COA and its security features. No such label? Then your best bet is to return it from wherever it came from, contact Microsoft, and avoid having any association with copyright infringement.

One Solution also tells Massillon and Louisville computer users to check out the CD or DVD themselves. Microsoft builds security features into the discs so software pirates have a harder time duplicating their appearance. Safe computer software from Microsoft such as Windows, Office, and Windows Server are put on a holographic CD or DVD that changes color and displays 3D effects when you tilt it back and forth. These features are embedded into the disc, not placed on as a sticker. If you find that the hologram peels off as a sticker, then you’ve received an unauthorized copy and should contact Microsoft to let them know.

A thin mirror band on the disc can also help you avoid pirated software. True Microsoft software includes an Outer Mirror Band (OMB) with ‘Microsoft’ printed on the surface. The name turns into the word ‘Genuine’ when the disc is tiled. On both the Inner Mirror Band (IMB) and the Outer, there are arrows that point outwards. These arrows should line up with one another. No arrows or arrows that mismatch on your disc? Then you received a copy instead of the real thing.

Canton area locals should know that poor print quality, blurry images, or misspellings are indicators that you mistakenly purchased pirated software. In order to avoid pirated software, One Solution suggests that you visit various establishments with licensed Microsoft products to find the best deal rather than taking a chance on inexpensive products you find online.

People often think that piracy is a victimless crime, but the fact is that a lot of people suffer for it. Not just the individuals who work hard to create the software, but those who are left holding the unauthorized copies and get in trouble for copyright infringement. So, the next time you’re in the market for new software, make sure to take One Solution’s advice and use the tips mentioned above to spot piracy scams and avoid pirated software. Be sure to visit legitimate establishments in the Massillon, Ohio and Louisville, Ohio areas to get safe computer software you can trust. And if you have any questions on software or computers in general, don’t be afraid to give One Solution a call at 330.617.8267 or pay them a visit at their new location at 1634 30th St NE, Suite A, in Canton, Ohio.