Navarre, Ohio, Follows the Steps of How to Choose a Local Heating Contractor Straight to Hey Neighbor

By Fiona Vernon

This chillier time of year has everyone thinking about the condition of their furnace and their home’s ability to keep them warm. Homeowners from North Canton, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, may start contemplating what local heating and cooling company can ensure they will not be stuck without heat because their HVAC system becomes stressed. That company is Hey Neighbor, providing affordable furnace, AC, air quality management, upgrades to smart thermostats, and water heater maintenance, repair, installation, and 24-hour emergency services. There is so much competition out there, so it helps homeowners if they know how to choose among them. Someone in East Sparta, Ohio, may notice excess dust in the air and has rooms that are not heating consistently. Another person in Navarre, Ohio, may have skipped seasonal furnace maintenance this year, and their furnace won’t turn on. Hey Neighbor offers home improvement financing options to help them save money on heating bills for anyone who calls them. Call 330.875.9300 today to get on the schedule!

There are two types of homeowners — those who don’t call the professionals until there is a problem and those who take advantage of seasonal furnace maintenance every year. The latter knows who they can trust because they see them twice a year at the change of season; however, the former may be overwhelmed at the vast amount of information they must weed through. Hey Neighbor checks all the boxes when someone needs to know how to choose an HVAC contractor, which include:

  • Are they fully licensed, bonded, and insured? Hey Neighbor is.
  • How experienced are they?
    • Hey Neighbor has been serving communities from Massillon to East Sparta for over 30 years with HVAC technicians that become certified after rigorous training. We also frequently send them for continuing education.
  • What are their reviews like?
    • One of the oldest and most effective ways of recommending a company is through word of mouth, and technology has created a new way to spread that knowledge … through reviews. Check the reviews of companies, products, and services before choosing. You can do so through social media platforms, websites, and Google. Our customers are highly satisfied.
  • What models do they have the ability to repair and install?
    • A comprehensive company will have the ability to offer repairs and installation on the majority of brands in the industry. Hey Neighbor represents virtually all brands in the industry.
  • What are their prices like?
    • Do they offer a visit of only $39? Do they have 24-hour emergency services that don’t come with overtime or weekend fees? Do they offer free estimates on new equipment? Hey Neighbor
    • Do they offer preventative seasonal maintenance packages offering early detection that helps you prevent later, more costly repairs?
  • Can they evaluate a home to analyze the best options for each client? Assessing their needs based on the following:
    • Level of insulation
    • Condition of windows and doors
    • Condition of the duct system
    • Current system
    • Size of home and energy usage

There are various common furnace issues into which people from Navarre to North Canton may run, causing a need for affordable furnace repair from a local heating and cooling company. Maybe their furnace won’t even turn on. It could also be something as seemingly insignificant as excess dust in the air or rooms not heating consistently. Perhaps someone would like to upgrade to a smart thermostat so that they can control their home from an app on their phone or tablet. Hey Neighbor knows that it isn’t always easy to invest in a home, and with the furnace being one of the most costly pieces of equipment, they offer home improvement financing options to keep you warm all winter with a system as energy efficient as possible.

Homeowners from East Sparta, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, need look no further than Hey Neighbor for a reputable, local heating and cooling company. They provide everything from seasonal furnace maintenance to assistance with saving money on heating bills to 24-hour emergency service when a furnace won’t turn on. They provide affordable furnace repairs without overtime or weekend fees when rooms in Navarre, Ohio, aren’t heating consistently or have excess dust in the air. They also offer home improvement financing options because they know that bank accounts don’t always cooperate. For everything from affordable furnace repair to upgrades to smart thermostats, follow the qualities of how to choose an HVAC contractor straight to the doors of Hey Neighbor.

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