Let Bluegrass Incorporated help make your yard summer ready!

The weather is finally beginning to warm up in Northeast Ohio. Have been meandering through your yard lately, wondering what steps you need to take to make it beautiful? You look to the left and see algae in your pond. You look to the right and see where the snow has damaged your landscape lighting. You look ahead and see the plants that need pruned where they barely survived the freezing temps.

Here at Bluegrass Incorporated, we know that it can be overwhelming to consider all that needs done just to make your yard presentable. That’s why we offer such a wide variety of services, and the warming temperatures are causing our schedule to fill quickly. If you have a specific time or day that is best for you, calling at least two weeks will help you get the timeslot that you need.

We are a custom landscaping company who can help you get ready for summer with maintenance, repair, and installation of landscape lighting, ponds and waterfalls, hardscape design and build, invisible dog fences, synthetic turf, irrigation systems, and more.

How can you avoid so much maintenance every spring?

You got overwhelmed and called us to help prepare your yard for spring and summer, but what you don’t realize is that we can create a low-maintenance lawn so that you rarely have to do much to it any time of year.

You may still need to pick up branches and other debris after storms; however, think about all the money you will save never having to buy gas and oil for your equipment again. On that note, think about never having to even fire up the lawn mower or weed whacker. Consider never again winterizing your equipment or organizing equipment that all takes the same batteries.

Here at Bluegrass, we offer the best artificial turf in the industry with SYNLawn® products. Synthetic grass allows you to simply walk outside and gaze upon the beauty. Your neighbor’s yard may be all brown and dying, but yours can be lush and green. SYNLawn® products look and feel natural, making you wonder why you didn’t have us install it for you years ago.

How your dogs can enjoy their time outside!

You want your dogs to be able to roam freely, but it’s not all selfless when you’re the one who has to walk them around on a leash every time they need to go outside. At Bluegrass, we analyze your property and sit with you to discuss where you would like your furbabies to be able to go without you having to watch their every move.

We gather all the information and design a custom plan for safe underground dog fence installation on your property. Imagine the day that you no longer put your whining dog off as long as possible before letting them out and can just open the door to let them frolic about the yard without you having to watch them.

Only want them in the back? We can make that happen. Want them to be able to go out front when the kids do? We can make that happen, too! We install invisible pet fencing and give you one of the smallest, fully programmable collars in the industry.

Our gentle approach offers padded collars and a soft stimulation that alerts them as to end of their boundary while they are in training. Everyone involved wants the training to be as low stress as possible, and our gentle system helps make it a smooth process.

Artificial grass is also the perfect way to stop them from digging, as well as limit how much mud they can drag in. You will enjoy a 30-inch per hour drain rate, so the kids and dogs can go out and play even right after a big storm. You will appreciate this feature even more in the spring when the snow is melting.

How will your kids like synthetic grass?

Succinctly said, they will love it! Think about not having to scrub grass stains out of play clothes. Imagine that you don’t have to worry as much about the kids being outside playing on the swingset. This is because the grass is not only non-abrasive, but we can also install playground surfaces with padding underneath that is approved for safety even after a 10-foot fall.

Do you or your kids have grass allergies and suffer every time the lawn is mowed? You won’t have to worry about keeping allergy medication in stock with artificial grass. We can’t stop the tree pollen, but we can help with grass issues.

This is just a few of the ways that we can help you here at Bluegrass. We are landscape specialists that want to help you create and install a custom outdoor living area that will surpass what you have envisioned. We offer a wide selection of designs on landscape design and lighting, hardscape design and build, water features (ponds and waterfalls), and so much more. When you want a cozy atmosphere brought to life for your everyday pleasure, let Bluegrass Incorporated help!

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