Leonard Truck & Trailer Delivers Cattle Show & Mini-Stock Trailers to Northfield, Minnesota

By Fiona Vernon

Using trailers can make life so much easier for everything from showcasing sheep and beef to transporting other livestock. Whether someone from Elko, Minnesota, is in 4-H, or another from Northfield, Minnesota, is preparing for the Beef Expo next year, Leonard Truck and Trailer stocks cattle show trailers, as well as stock and mini-stock trailers at the best prices. This new and used trailer dealer was established almost 60 years ago by catering to the needs of equestrians with a wide selection of living quarter horse trailers, even a variety under 20k. They have grown exponentially so that they can now offer easy in-house financing and nationwide delivery on a vast array of bumper pull and gooseneck trailers. Moreover, their trailer service department provides repairs, maintenance, accessories, and parts for trailers. Everyone from Burnsville, Minnesota, to Faribault, Minnesota, will find that their search is over when they trust Leonard Truck and Trailer.

Winter can be especially rough from Northfield to Burnsville. The cold months spent playing with Jack Frost can best be used by upgrading equipment and doing so before the end of the year is a great way to take advantage of tax write-offs. COVID-19 caused many events to shut their doors in 2020, but the positive aspect is that people saved money that they would have spent it on travelling. Instead of having to put personal safety at risk in a hotel and spending extra money when someone can have their own space, Leonard Truck and Trailer has an assortment of gooseneck and bumper pull living quarters horse trailers under 20k. Regardless if a horse lover wants a to prevent having to stay in hotels next year or a horse trainer wants a stock trailer for shows. Each of them will appreciate that this new and used trailer dealer not only offers the best prices, but they also provide easy in-house trailer financing and nationwide delivery.

When well maintained, cattle show trailers can do their intended job for years; however, they will eventually show normal wear and tear and need replaced. It can be satisfying to search out a new trailer with useful amenities. Not only does Leonard Truck and Trailer stock 700 trailers on their lot at all times — with the likes of mini stock, utility, ATV, horse, and cargo trailers — but they can also provide a vast array of the necessary parts for trailers, accessories, maintenance, and repair services. Leonard’s trailer service department boasts 12 bays in 11,000 square feet of space with highly trained technicians that welcome the challenge of any trailer upgrade, repair, and retrofit. They can complete any size and difficulty task, from replacing an axle and installing awnings on a fifth-wheel trailer to electrical repairs and DOT inspections on semis. Leonard is the one stop trailer shop for everyone from Faribault to Elko.

Numerous trailers exist for an abundance of reasons, and Leonard Truck and Trailer offers the perfect solution for a wide variety of needs. People from Burnsville, Minnesota, to Northfield, Minnesota, who are looking for the most effective product may find that their journey takes them far and wide. They will also discover there is no need to go any further once they realize that Leonard keeps 700 trailers in their inventory. This new and used truck and trailer dealer not only has the best prices on one of the most impressive selections of gooseneck and bumper pull trailers from sea to shining sea, but they also provide nationwide delivery and easy in-house trailer financing. Individuals who are looking for horse trailers with living quarters for under 20k or who need a mini stock trailer can peruse Leonard’s inventory online or in-person. Their trailer service department also provides accessories, repair, maintenance, and parts for trailers. Everything from stock trailers to cattle show trailers can be found at Leonard Truck and Trailer for people from Faribault, Minnesota, to Elko, Minnesota, looking for a trustworthy supplier.

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