Bellevue, Washington, Can Join Chaos Illusionz in February to Engage Like-Minded Communities with Black Manga Animation

By Fiona Vernon

Picture the person making their first Christmas dinner. They want to make a traditional ham with all the trimmings, such as a sweet potato casserole or that dish Grandma used to make, creamed pearl onions. They are not sure how, so they turn to the internet for advice. While they are waiting for their creations to cook, they want to entertain themselves. Everyone from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Bellevue, Washington, will be able to find all the information and streaming videos they need on one app. They will find the latest in DIY cooking videos and be able to sit on the stool next to the stove catching up on the latest black manga with the latest comprehensive app from Chaos Illusionz. Not only can people engage with a like-minded community, but they will also be able to create an income in this app. Chaos Illusionz aims to provide the necessary components that help people meet their goal of becoming financially independent. Every individual from Akron, Ohio, to Mesa, Arizona, who either wants to know how to make pastries, find meals to make in under 30 minutes, or the latest in black animation can be on the lookout for this revolutionary app from Chaos Illusionz in February.

An immeasurable number of people have skills and ideas that can benefit society; however, they do not have the means to disperse their knowledge to the public. A new app by Chaos Illusionz will help people engage with and deliver their ideas to like-minded communities from Bellevue to Akron. Maybe a flourishing chef has been looking for a way to introduce her ideas into the world of cooking. She knows that in homes with household members all working, people are looking for a variety of easy meals that they can make in under 30 minutes. She also knows that people who love to spend their time in the kitchen want to learn how to make elegant pastries that would rival those in a French Patisserie. She excels at both and can stream her videos on the platform provided by Chaos Illusionz. She can create an income online and work toward becoming financially independent with assistance that includes a laptop and Wi-Fi connection for those who are struggling while they reach for their dreams.

With an idea so impressive that they won a Facebook Small Business Grant for Black-Owned companies, not only will Chaos Illusionz supply a method to drive information with a wide selection of DIY cooking videos, but they will also satisfy the needs of anyone from Mesa to Fort Lauderdale who have felt that they have not been accurately represented with black manga-styled comics and animation. This app will help every afro-centric community connect to their fellow man no matter where on the globe that they may reside. They face the same issues and would thrive if they only worked together to promote themselves in society. The Black Nerd world needs more representation in the comic book arena. People crave being able to relate to their characters and Chaos Illusionz is creating a community to which anyone can go to connect with those in the same world.

People can only develop their knowledge based on what they have either experienced, and afro-centric societies require better representation.  There is no to have barriers between groups of people, especially among people of the same background. Anyone from Akron, Ohio, to Fort Lauderdale, Ohio, who wants to engage with people in like-minded communities will be able to when they download the revolutionary new app from Chaos Illusionz. They will be able to use this app for streaming videos and be a part of their culture’s representation with black manga-style animation. They will discover how to make pastries, meals in under 30 minutes, and other DIY cooking videos. Furthermore, they will be able to make money and create an income online while they are getting their name out there by streaming their own videos and building their dream. With its launch in February, anyone from Mesa, Arizona, to Bellevue, Washington, can begin their journey to becoming financially independent when they join Chaos Illusionz on their adventure.

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