Leonard Truck and Trailer Stocks Living Quarter Horse and Cattle Show Trailers for Elkin, North Carolina

By Fiona Vernon

Trailers are an essential part of existence to those who use them, from hauling materials and vehicles to transporting horses and livestock. Whether someone from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is in the 4-H Youth Livestock Program, or another from Yadkinville, North Carolina, is hopeful for next year’s state fair, Leonard Truck and Trailer can provide the best prices on everything from cattle show trailers to mini and standard stock trailers. Satisfying the requirements of equestrians is how this new and used trailer dealer became established in the industry almost 60 years ago with living quarter horse trailers under 20k. They have evolved and now offer easy in-house financing and nationwide delivery on an impressive selection of bumper pull and gooseneck trailers. Furthermore, their trailer service department can manage any issue put in front of them, from repairs and maintenance to accessories and parts for trailers. Everyone from Elkin, North Carolina, to Salisbury, North Carolina, will appreciate everything about Leonard Truck and Trailer whether they peruse their inventory of over 700 online or in-person.

Some people feel as if they are stuck waiting through the winter months for their favorite time of year to arrive when they can compete at horse shows and attend fairs. Instead of sitting around waiting, why not prepare and use the time for equipment upgrades? People may even find that it is just the tax write-off they need. The pandemic caused a great deal of cancellations throughout 2020; however, it did save many people the money that they would have spent travelling. Regardless if a horse lover in Yadkinville wants a living quarters horse trailer under 20k to prevent having to stay in hotels next year or a horse trainer in Elkin wants a stock trailer for shows, Leonard Truck and Trailer has an extensive collection of gooseneck and bumper pull trailers in any size or variety. Each of them will appreciate that this new and used trailer dealer not only offers the best prices, but they also provide easy in-house trailer financing and nationwide delivery.

Maybe someone in Salisbury noticed that their trailer was showing its age the last time they attended a cattle show. After some research, they found that not only does Leonard Truck and Trailer keep 700 trailers in inventory at all times — including mini stock, utility, ATV, horse, and cargo trailers — but they can also be relied upon for accessories, parts for trailers, maintenance, and repair services. The 11,000 square foot trailer service department with 12 bays is unrivaled in the industry with highly trained technicians that love the challenge of any type of trailer repair, upgrade, and retrofit. They can perform everything from replacing an axle and winterizing a travel trailer to annual maintenance and electrical repairs. Everyone from Salisbury to Winston-Salem can rely on Leonard to be their one stop shop for trailers.

Farmers and equestrians use trailers for different reasons, and Leonard Truck and Trailer offers solutions for a wide variety of applications. Searching for the perfect product may take people from Elkin, North Carolina, to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, across the country but there is no need to continue the search once they realize that this new and used truck and trailer dealer keeps 700 trailers in their inventory. They not only have the best prices on one of the largest assortments of gooseneck and bumper pull trailers from coast to coast, but they also provide easy in-house trailer financing and nationwide delivery. Individuals who are in search of a horse trailer with living quarters for under 20k or those who would like a mini stock trailer, Leonard has a wide selection from which they can choose. Additionally, their trailer service department provides repair, maintenance, accessories, and parts for trailers. For everything from stock trailers to cattle show trailers, people from Salisbury, North Carolina, to Yadkinville, North Carolina, can rely on Leonard Truck and Trailer.

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