Lindsey Construction & Design Offer 24-hour Emergency Restoration & Storm Damage Repair in Aurora, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Old Man Winter has shown his face only a couple of times as of yet, but he will be unpacking his bags soon. Homeowners from North Canton, Ohio, to Aurora, Ohio, are familiar with the harsh storms typical to the area that can cause wind and hail damage. Knowing how to navigate roofing and siding insurance claims is essential to ensuring the most effective use of one’s finances, and Lindsey Construction and Design is a 24-hour emergency contractor who provides free roofing assessments and estimates while handling the insurance company.  Whether it is storm damage repair or repairing a roof before it snows, this reputable roofing contractor offers home improvement financing on insulation and energy efficient window installation, along with the bathroom or kitchen remodel of which someone has been dreaming. Whether someone in Fairlawn, Ohio, needs professional restoration services or another in Hudson, Ohio, is asking for help saving energy to lower their heating bills, Lindsey Construction and Design brings 30 years of experience to every project. Call 330.785.9931 today to get on the schedule!

Modern society packs their lives full of work and play, with little time in between. When something catastrophic happens, it causes a great many disruptions to an already hectic schedule. Homeowners from Aurora to Fairlawn have property insurance for a reason but, thankfully, do not find the need to use it often. When snow or a tree falls through their roof or their siding has been damaged, allowing water to seep into the foundation, Lindsey Construction and Design provides expert professional restoration services regardless of the time of day. This 24-hour emergency contractor answers their phones any time you need them, providing free roofing assessments for the storm damage repair. It is hard to navigate the insurance process so making this reputable roofing contractor your first and only call will ease the pain of the situation. They will handle everything from start to finish.

Lindsey offers a siding or roofing insurance claim management program as a complementary service to their client, suggesting that they be called first so that they can more effectively navigate the waters. Certain insurance companies will file a claim even if their customer does not receive money for it, possibly causing a premium increase. This reputable roofing contractor will visit with a free roofing assessment to see if the damage is sufficient for an insurance claim. Knowing how to fill out the paperwork for depreciation returns is key in using as little money out of pocket and can save someone thousands of dollars. Additionally, Lindsey is a full-service construction and renovation company, trusted by individuals from Hudson to North Canton for everything from home insulation and energy efficient window installation that will help lower their heating bills to repairing a roof before it snows and causes more damage. They even offer home improvement financing for their services!

When any homeowner from Fairlawn, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, finds themselves in a desperate situation of needing storm damage repair, they can rely on the compassionate experts at Lindsey Construction and Design for 24-hour emergency contractor services. Making them the first and only call will alleviate stress as they handle the siding or roofing insurance claims, starting with a free roofing assessment. This reputable roofing contractor not only offers professional restoration services, but they also work with their customers when they need to stop cold air drafts to lower their heating bills with insulation and energy efficient window installation. Additionally, they can help prevent further damage to a roof by snow with affordable roof repairs, since leaks could cause costly problems in the future. Families from Hudson, Ohio, to Aurora, Ohio, can afford to call Lindsey Construction and Design any time of year and take advantage of their home improvement financing. Call today!
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