La Dolce Vita Invites Lakewood, Ohio, & Beyond to Enjoy Opera Night & Humberto Ramirez Live

By Fiona Vernon

Individuals from Parma Heights, Ohio, to South Russell, Ohio, who like to take time out of their busy week to relax in an atmosphere that offers a plethora of Italian wines accompanying a romantic dinner while being entertained will love the experience that La Dolce Vita offers. This restaurant in Little Italy painstakingly prepares fresh handmade pasta using local ingredients and perfect cappuccino to allow their guests to bask in the ambiance that takes them back to an age when time was life’s greatest commodity. People with any musical preference will enjoy this local Italian restaurant’s regular occurrences of Opera Nights or enjoy for a special appearance of Humberto Ramirez live on July 13th. Everyone from Pepper Pike, Ohio, to Lakewood, Ohio, who is looking for authentic Italian cuisine and live performances for their summer evening activities can relax and forget everyday stress at La Dolce Vita.

Being entertained while having a romantic dinner is no new concept; however, La Dolce Vita takes it to whole new level with their Opera Night Series that takes place throughout the months of warmer weather for residents from Pepper Pike to South Russell. This local Italian restaurant pairs their fresh handmade pasta that is lovingly created using local ingredients with exquisite Italian wines and moving presentations of operas from Puccini and Verdi, along with non-Italian offerings, such as Mozart and Bizet. The next Opera Night can be enjoyed on July 9th, and by visiting La Dolce Vita’s Facebook Page and following the directions, anyone can win an Opera Dinner for Two! Jennifer Lee had this to say:

“I love the vibe here, things slow down, and I just breathe a little easier. It’s romantic, and the eclectic decor is relaxed and beautiful. Our service has always been wonderful, including Terry bringing delicious offerings made personally for us. The offerings!!! The food!!! It’s simply great ingredients mixed by an artist. Top it all off with an exquisite Italian red, and there it is. One of my absolute favorite spots in this beautiful city!!!”

People love the atmosphere and old-world charm of dining at restaurants in Little Italy and will find that they adore the passion that La Dolce Vita puts into their authentic Italian cuisine and summer evening activities. Not only can a couple enhance their relationship with a romantic dinner and beautiful music at this local Italian restaurant in Little Italy, but they can also find exclusive entertainment that cannot be found just anywhere. On July 13th, 2018, at 7:30pm, the great Latin Jazz Trumpet King of Puerto Rico Humberto Ramirez will be playing live on the Garden Patio at La Dolce Vita! Reservations can be texted to 216.210.1716 for a once in a lifetime evening spent with a wide-ranging trumpeter, arranger, and composer who is comfortable playing straight-ahead Latin jazz (like on his solo releases for Tropi-Jazz), as well as producing and arranging for the bigger names in the Latin Dance world. His offerings range from a romantic form of the dance music he has produced to traditional Latin jazz and can be appreciated by everyone from Lakewood to Parma Heights during his extraordinary appearance at La Dolce Vita.

Whether a couple from Lakewood, Ohio, is wanting to celebrate their anniversary with a romantic dinner complemented by their favorite Italian wine or a group of friends from Parma Heights, Ohio, is looking for summer evening activities in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, La Dolce Vita can satisfy every demand. This local Italian restaurant in Little Italy uses local ingredients and not only satiates the palates of its guests with authentic Italian cuisine but satisfies their desire for pleasing entertainment with their Monday Night staple of Opera Night, which can be paired with dinner. They are also offering the transformative performance of Humberto Ramirez live on their Garden Patio on July 13th! La Dolce Vita invites everyone from South Russell, Ohio, to Pepper Pike, Ohio, to enjoy “The Sweet Life” with the fresh basil and imported whole tomatoes in their authentic Italian cuisine at their leisure!

La Dolce Vita
12112 Mayfield Rd
Cleveland, OH 44106
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