Hudson, Ohio, Can Expand a Home’s Outdoor Living Space with LockDry Decks from EcoTec Insulation & Construction

By Fiona Vernon

Hot summer nights and the beauty of fireflies prompts individuals to sit outside on their decks while enjoying the flames of their outdoor fire pit table. That’s slightly difficult to do when they don’t have a deck and can only walk straight out onto the grass of their backyard. Homeowners from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to Shaker Heights, Ohio, who are looking to expand and beautify their outdoor living space can count on the experts at EcoTec Insulation and Construction for a low-maintenance deck. Whether someone in Parma Heights, Ohio, is looking for an alternative to a traditional wooden deck to avoid annual deck maintenance or another in Hudson, Ohio, would love the benefits of a waterproof decking, this local deck builder expertly installs LockDry powder-coated aluminum decking for single level and gapless second and third level decks that allow extra living or storage space. Individuals who have relied on EcoTec Insulation and Construction in the past have found the lifestyle of which dreamed while entertaining in their picturesque backyard.

Expanding a home’s outdoor living space is a trend that is consistent with newer homes that feature a second or third level deck with space underneath. Instead of leaving the area underneath essentially useless, EcoTec Insulation and Construction can assist homeowners from Parma Heights to Shaker Heights who want to take full advantage of their home’s space by installing LockDry decking. This gapless, waterproof, powder-coated aluminum deck instantly transforms the space below it into an outdoor patio, storage, or carport that can be taken advantage of throughout the entire year. With the protection that it offers for anything or anyone below it, it can store lawn equipment and vehicles. Its seamless finish also makes it perfect for screened in porches. Additionally, it can accommodate any style of décor to make it a space for entertaining. This local deck builder can also fulfill the needs of a single level deck with this LockDry decking that can also support up to 240 pounds per square foot for heavy snow fall and won’t even absorb the water when snow freezes then melts.

Homeowners from Hudson to Cleveland Heights who have dreamed of beautifying their outdoor living space but wants to avoid the labor-intensive annual deck maintenance can call EcoTec Insulation and Construction for a low-maintenance alternative to a traditional wooden deck. They will never have to replace rotted, cracked, or warped boards. Nor will they have to power wash, paint, stain, or waterproof it, saving time and money every year. This LockDry aluminum deck is also fireproof and ideal for any environment, staying cooler than most products even in the Florida heat. Individuals can also match the décor to their home and personality with its availability in six solid colors and a wood grain finish, adding years of beauty to any home.

Whether someone in Hudson, Ohio, is looking for an alternative to a traditional wooden deck to save time and money by avoiding annual deck maintenance or a homeowner in Shaker Heights, Ohio, would like to beautify their outdoor living space, EcoTec Insulation and Construction specializes in the installation of LockDry decking. This low-maintenance, waterproof, powder-coated aluminum decking can also expand anyone’s outdoor living space with its seamless finish in a variety of colors. People from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to Parma Heights, Ohio, who are looking for a local deck builder to install more usable outdoor deck space on which to enjoy their morning coffee can rely on the experts at EcoTec Insulation and Construction.
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