Homeowners in Portage Lakes, Ohio, Looking to Create a Kitchen for Entertaining can Visit Windy Hill Hardwoods

By Fiona Vernon

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home; however, in the modern age, people from Portage Lakes, Ohio, to North Lawrence, Ohio, require a kitchen that is both functional and beautiful with multiple zones for efficient cooking and space to accommodate guests. Windy Hill Hardwoods provides affordable home remodeling materials for cost-effective remodeling and excellent tips to create a better kitchen for entertaining. This local cabinet manufacturer is proud of their exclusive JMark kitchen cabinets, in addition to affordable wooden trim and crown molding, granite countertops, and tile and laminate flooring. Anyone who visits this home improvement showroom to peruse their interior wood products can also take advantage of their 3D remodeling design software so that the layout of their kitchen remodel matches the visions in their dreams. Individuals from Silver Lake, Ohio, to Canal Fulton, Ohio, can rely on the knowledgeable and caring staff at Windy Hill Hardwoods for all their remodeling needs.

Careful planning of a kitchen remodel from North Lawrence to Silver Lake is necessary to ensure that it contains the amount of storage that the chef requires but also offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Some tips for a better kitchen is to eliminate wasted steps by thinking about the placement of tools that will most often be used. With their 3D remodeling design software, Windy Hill Hardwoods can properly place the JMark kitchen cabinets so that homeowners can keep wraps and plastic containers near where leftovers will be placed, cooking utensils in drawers near the stove, and granite countertops throughout that resist the effects of heat, stains, and knives. A cost-effective kitchen remodel will place paths throughout a kitchen that are at least 48 inches wide to accommodate the trend of more than one person cooking at a time. Part of this plan is to adjust kitchen islands and peninsulas accordingly. More tips for creating an efficient kitchen that is still perfect for entertaining is to place cabinet doors and appliances away from corners so that their doors don’t bang into each other and can open all the way. Additionally, the microwave must be at the correct height and location, which is 15 inches above countertop level and below the countertop to be suitable for kid friendly kitchens.

JMark Kitchen Cabinets in Heritage White

Committing to any home remodeling project can be a time and money consuming process; however, working with Windy Hill Hardwoods can make any kitchen remodel economical with their affordable home remodeling materials. Homeowners from Canal Fulton to Portage Lakes who visit the home improvement showroom of this local cabinet manufacturer will find an extensive line of interior wood products that will enhance the beauty and improve the storage layout of any kitchen. Their JMark kitchen cabinets offer standard features that include ½” plywood construction on the sides, tops, and bottoms for strength and durability, as well as ¾” plywood shelving. Their Lazy Susans are perfect for extra storage and come with stainless steel baskets. They offer many types of flooring, from tile to ceramic to laminate, that are in stock in their warehouse; additionally, they manufacture affordable wooden trim and crown molding that create the perfect finishing touches on any room enhancement. One visit to Windy Hill Hardwoods can help anyone complete the home of their dreams.

Whether a person in North Lawrence, Ohio, is excited about the efficient space that they will finally have when they create a kitchen for entertaining or another in Canal Fulton, Ohio, wants tips for a better kitchen remodel, Windy Hill Hardwoods provides amazing 3D remodeling design software and affordable home remodeling materials for cost-effective remodeling. This local cabinet manufacturer invites visitors to peruse their home improvement showroom, which includes a wide selection of affordable wooden trim and crown molding, granite countertops, tile, ceramic, and laminate flooring, and their own JMark kitchen cabinets. Homeowners from Silver Lake, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, can visit Windy Hill Hardwoods for interior wood products that help them bring their dreams to life!

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