AJ’s Transmissions Can Help Drivers in Barberton, Ohio, Prepare Their Vehicle for the Summer Heat

By Fiona Vernon

Even the best of vehicles can act up when the weather starts to get warmer. The transmission is usually the culprit, since its proper functioning occurs when the ambient temperature is not extremely high. There are certain steps that can be followed when any driver from Chapel Hill, Ohio, to Barberton, Ohio, wants to prepare their car for the summer heat; however, if their check transmission lights up and they find themselves on the side of the road, they can count on the 25 years of experience from AJ’s Transmissions for affordable foreign and domestic transmission repair and rebuilds. This local transmission shop provides free transmission diagnostics and car repair financing whether someone form Hartville, Ohio, brings them a 1998 BMW 528i that isn’t shifting smoothly and leaves red fluid on the ground where it was last parked or a driver from Strasburg, Ohio, presents them with the need for an affordable clutch repair on their 2010 Ford F-250 that worked a little too hard plowing snow and is grinding when shifting gears. AJ’s Transmissions can help prevent high-performance, diesel, or stock transmissions from breaking down this summer with their extensive knowledge and willingness to help!

Most transmission problems are the result of the transmission overheating, which can be caused by low fluid levels, leaks, burned, old or dirty fluid, or problems with the solenoid. AJ’s Transmissions can help drivers from Hartville to Chapel Hill prepare a car for the summer heat with their annual transmission maintenance, which includes fluid flushing, filter replacement, cleaning and removal of grime, replacing the pan gasket, and more; additionally, the owner can take steps that will help prevent their car from breaking down this summer. They can check the level of the fluid consistently, because low transmission fluid results in unnecessary deterioration, causing the components to run hot and eventually fail. Moreover, when fluid runs low, there will not be enough pressure for the transmission to operate how it was intended, and it will show symptoms of stress that include grinding when shifting gears, not shifting smoothly or slipping, strange noises, and overheating. Low transmission fluid is most likely the issue especially if someone has seen red fluid on the ground where they last parked their vehicle.

Most automatic transmissions — regardless if they are diesel, high-performance, towing, or stock — are designed to run at a maximum temperature of approximately 200 degrees. For every 20 degrees it goes over 200, the life expectancy of the transmission drops by a factor of two, leading to the need for affordable foreign or domestic transmission repair or rebuild. Camping and boating are popular activities in the summer, but towing vehicles of recreational vehicles may need free transmission diagnostics from AJ’s Transmissions if the owners didn’t take preventative steps and their check transmission light indicates an issue. Future issues can be prevented by entrusting this local transmission shop to install a transmission cooler, especially one with a built-in fan. They could also use good quality synthetic fluid that can withstand high temperatures better than organic, oil-based fluids; furthermore, they can also invest in a deep aluminum transmission pan that typically holds an extra two to three quarts of fluid and keeps the heat away from the transmission. Drivers from Strasburg to Barberton who unexpectedly needs affordable clutch repair, or any other service can take advantage of the car repair financing generously offered by AJ’s Transmissions.

With the hot weather arriving from Strasburg, Ohio, to Chapel Hill, Ohio, many drivers may want to take the time to prepare their car for the heat so that they can prevent their cars from breaking down this summer. AJ’s Transmissions is the perfect local transmission shop to call for free transmission diagnostics and car repair financing on their already affordable high-performance, diesel, towing, and stock domestic and foreign transmissions repair, rebuilds, and remanufacturing. Perhaps a Dodge Durango consistently towing a boat from Barberton, Ohio, shows distress by leaving red fluid on the ground where it was last parked and isn’t shifting smoothly. The owner can anticipate the possibility of a clutch repair. Maybe another person in Hartville, Ohio, noticed a grinding noise when they were shifting gears and an illuminated check transmission light. All drivers of any commercial, recreational, or passenger vehicle can trust the 25 years of experience and passion that AJ’s Transmissions offers!

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