Jay’s Auto Sales Offers Affordable Auto Financing at Their Dealership near Burbank, Ohio


By Fiona Vernon

For many Americans, obtaining a reliable mode of transportation is nearly impossible due to a low credit score or lack of credit history. This is because many dealerships only offer conventional loans –also known as direct loans—that take a person’s credit history into consideration before approving the loan itself. Although Jay’s Auto Sales offers conventional loan methods like these, they also offer other vehicle financing options that allow everyone to be pre-approved for a dealership auto loan the moment they set foot onto their lot.

Through these vehicle financing options, Jay’s Auto Sales is able to help those of all credit types obtain a vehicle that is both affordable and efficient for their day-to-day travel needs through Peninsula, Orrville, and beyond. In fact, Jay’s Auto Sales –located near Burbank— has been helping the credit challenged and more obtain a more reliable mode of transportation since 1986. In doing so, this local vehicle dealership has been able to build up a loyal customer base and become a great part of the community. Generations of individuals from Valley City to Orrville and across the region have actually purchased their vehicles at Jay’s Auto Sales and continue to do so due to the high standards of vehicles and customer services they offer. Russell Zawacki is one of Jay’s Auto Sales’ satisfied customers:

Jays_Cars“This is my second vehicle purchased from Jay’s, and I’m still impressed with the level of customer services and vehicle services.”

Although there are many dealerships around that offer poor credit financing to their customers, Jay’s Auto Sales has actually been able to help some of their customers improve their credit score through their affordable auto financing. Some individuals have had their credit score so improved that they were able to purchase another vehicle for their travels through conventional loan means rather than a dealership auto loan at a Buy Here Pay Here location.

However, the flexible vehicle financing options, quality vehicles, and excellent customer service this local vehicle dealership offers has drawn many of these customers back for their next vehicle. Some of these flexible financing options include traditional monthly payments, bi-weekly, or weekly payments that can be paid directly at Jay’s Auto Sales. By offering this level of flexibility, this local vehicle dealership near Burbank is able to help more individuals obtain the affordable auto financing plan that is right for their budget. Some of these plans can even help car buyers pay off their vehicle more quickly.

Jays_SignTo learn more about the vehicle financing options Jay’s Auto Sales offers to those with good credit, bad credit, and no credit history at all, customers are encouraged to pay a visit to their local vehicle dealership near Burbank, Ohio. Here, customers will be able to speak directly to one of their knowledgeable sales consultants regarding the vehicles they have available on their lot as well as the affordable auto financing they offer throughout the year. Jay’s Auto Sales’ knowledgeable financial team can help potential car buyers from Valley City, Peninsula, and the surrounding communities determine if a conventional or dealership auto loan is the right option for them based on their credit history as well.

For more information on Jay’s Auto Sales, visit their website at www.jaysautosalesinc.net or their Facebook page.  Otherwise, feel free to call 330.334.1080 or visit their physical location to speak to one of their knowledgeable staff members.

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