Jay’s Auto Sales Helps Lodi, Ohio, Consider the Factors When Debating Buying a Used or New Car.

by Fiona Vernon

Every driver forms a relationship with their vehicle. They trust it to get them safely to work, school, and everywhere else they go, and the car relies on them for the maintenance that keeps it running. There is, however, always a time when that vehicle will need to be replaced. One of the biggest questions facing drivers from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to Westfield Center, Ohio, is if buying a new or used car would be more beneficial to them. While each situation is different, making it an extremely personal decision, and no one can tell them what’s best, there are a few factors they can take into consideration. One of the biggest aspects is who to trust when buying a used car, and there is no local used car lot that matches the compassion and superior affordable pick-up trucks, roomy SUVs, and fuel-efficient cars as Jay’s Auto Sales. This buy here pay here dealership can help anyone establish or rebuild their credit score with in-house vehicle financing. Additionally, they have a comprehensive automotive service department so that each vehicle stays running at its best. Drivers from New Franklin, Ohio, to Lodi, Ohio, can get started today with the online car loan application from Jay’s Auto Sales!

2010 Toyota Yaris

Whether a single mom from Westfield Center needs an affordable and roomy SUV for the many miles she puts on her car toting the kids to all of their extracurriculars or a sales representative from New Franklin needs an affordable fuel-efficient car, both will debate if buying a new or used car is better for them. While new vehicles offer more modern features, advances of modern technology allow the average used vehicle to stay fully functional for an average of 12 years. Many of the advanced safety and usable features have been in existence for years so people who buy used cars may only be missing things like auto-driving capabilities that they may not have used anyway.

2009 Pontiac Vibe

2009 Pontiac Vibe

The factors to consider when buying a vehicle include the up-front costs and car payments, available financing deals, depreciation, insurance premiums, mileage, and the current interest rate. If it sounds overwhelming, the knowledgeable staff at family-owned Jay’s Auto Sales can help anyone from Lodi to Cuyahoga Falls navigate the waters of buying a vehicle. Is that new car smell that goes away quickly and the immediate loss of 20% of its value and 15% annually afterwards until it’s four or five years old worth the extra money spent? Buyers also save on insurance when they buy used. Jay’s offers a 30-day/1,500-mile warranty with each vehicle and monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly payment options. They are a buy here pay here dealership with in-house vehicle financing and report to the credit bureaus, so it’s also easier to establish or rebuild a credit score with them. This local used car lot also has a comprehensive automotive service department that recognizes the warranty and offers discounts on any services that need performed after it has expired. When someone needs an affordable pick-up truck or any other vehicle, they can get started with Jays’ online car loan application.

comprehensive automotive service departmentSomeone from New Franklin, Ohio, may subscribe to the idea that they will always buy new vehicles, while another person in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, vows to only buy used. Others will debate whether to buy a new or used car every time their old one isn’t safe to drive any longer. Jay’s Auto Sales is a local used car lot with the main goal of putting a smile on their customers’ faces. They can help people weed through all the factors to be considered when buying a vehicle, such as insurance, payments, and current interest rates. They are a buy here pay here dealership that provides an online car loan application to get started on their in-house vehicle financing for a wide selection of affordable pick-up trucks, roomy SUVs, and fuel-efficient cars. They also have a comprehensive automotive service department, so their customers don’t need to go anywhere else for anything car related. Whether drivers from Lodi, Ohio, to Westfield Center, Ohio, have great credit or need to establish or rebuild their credit scores, Jay’s Auto Sales has everything they need! Visit today!
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