Stark County, Ohio, Relies on Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling When Their AC is Making Strange Noises

by Fiona Vernon

Summertime is finally here, and people spend more time outdoors enjoying the warm sunshine, singing birds, and the sound of laughing children. When inside, the sounds of a house functioning should slip into the background. If the AC is letting its owner know it’s there by making squealing or rattling noises, it may be time to call Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling. This reputable cooling company has been providing affordable AC repair, 24-hour emergency services, Trane installation, and preventative maintenance for over 30 years to communities from Sugar Creek, Ohio, to Magnolia, Ohio. They can help any air conditioner last as long as the manufacturer intends with regular seasonal inspections, which also results in fewer AC repairs and improves its energy efficiency. Homeowners in Jackson Township, Ohio, and all of Stark County, Ohio, whose ACs are making strange noises can rely on the expertise of Hey Neighbor to keep their home comfortable all year long. Call 330.875.9300 today to get on the schedule.

Maybe someone works from their Magnolia home and suddenly hears strange noises coming from the basement. They cautiously go to the door, down the stairs, and find that the biggest threat is their air conditioning unit. They’re thinking that they should not have skipped the preventative AC maintenance for which they usually call Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling. They’re hoping that this isn’t an expensive lesson to learn…the lesson that the only reason they had fewer AC repairs than all their neighbors because they relied on this reputable cooling company for regular seasonal inspections. They call and a highly trained professional comes out the same day, arriving in a fully stocked truck.

They walk in and immediately hear the AC making textbook squealing and rattling sounds. They suspect that it either has loose or missing parts, a compressor that isn’t functioning quite right or low refrigerant levels, but they’ll know more when they get down there. They just left a house in Jackson Township that was a long and involved Trane installation and were happy to face the challenges that they don’t see every day. Hey Neighbor is that kind of company. They love what they do and the people they meet and want each person’s HVAC unit to last as long as it was meant to. They joke that when the compressor is broken, it sounds like it’s screaming for help. They warn that it could mean higher than normal pressure and the customer might have needed their 24-hour emergency service if he had heard this on the weekend. It could be dangerous and extremely costly if ignored. They say that luckily the rattling noise is just a loose screw on the door and that the other strange noises are easy fixes! Whew…another homeowners who can breathe easy now and get back to their normal routine.

Anyone in Sugar Creek and beyond who is looking for affordable Trane installation when they know they need to improve their AC’s energy efficiency can do so with one quick phone call to Hey Neighbor. They perform affordable repair and maintenance on virtually all AC makes and models in the heating and cooling industry and are well renowned in all of Stark County and surrounding areas.

Whether a homeowner in Jackson Township, Ohio, has an AC fan blade making rattling noises or another in Sugar Creek, Ohio, hears squealing noises, Hey Neighbor can come to the rescue with 24-hour emergency service. They know that not every AC makes strange noises that indicate a problem only during regular working hours, so they don’t even charge extra fees. Some issues can be prevented with this reputable cooling company’s preventative AC maintenance packages that allows them to catch small issues before they become large, costly ones, resulting in fewer AC repairs. In addition to affordable AC repair and regular seasonal inspections for homes in Magnolia, Ohio, and all Stark County, Ohio, they also offer Trane installation when it’s time to improve a home’s energy efficiency. Call 330.875.9300 today or visit them online to benefit from their expert knowledge.

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