Jay’s Auto Sales Helps Drivers in Wooster, Ohio, Rebuild Their Credit Scores When Using Their Tax Refund to Buy a Car

by Fiona Vernon

The middle of winter is notoriously one of the dreariest times of year, but there are still so many reasons to be excited. It’s not just winter; it’s tax season! Three out of four Americans receive tax refunds, with the average in Ohio hovering around $3,000. This is a substantial enough windfall that most people want to know the best way to use it. Some people want to use their tax refund for much-needed vacations and others prefer to invest in everyday necessities. Whether someone in Brecksville, Ohio, wants to use their tax refund to buy a car or another in Wooster, Ohio, would rather find somewhere with a comprehensive automotive service department to give theirs an overhaul, Jay’s Auto Sales is the only place either driver needs to call. This local used car lot not only keeps affordable thoroughly inspected fuel-efficient cars, 4WD trucks, and SUVs on their lot, but they are also a buy here pay here dealership that provides in-house vehicle financing that helps their clients rebuild their credit score. Drivers from Medina, Ohio, to Westfield, Ohio, who want a reliable used car with a great warranty will love working with Jay’s Auto Sales.

Since the pandemic, the economy has caused a significant number of people to struggle financially. Jay’s Auto Sales understands that people struggle for various reasons and has been compassionately helping financially challenged people for 37 years. They are a buy here pay here dealership that has helped thousands of drivers from Wooster to Medina get behind the wheel of reliable used cars with warranties, which are better than most in the industry at 30 days and 1,500 miles. They even have a comprehensive automotive service department in which they offer discounted pricing to those who have purchased vehicles from them. They want to help as many people as possible because everyone struggles at one point in their life. They have an online secure loan application for in-house vehicle financing for drivers to get started on rebuilding their credit score. This local used car lot keeps a wide variety of affordable fuel-efficient cars, 4WD trucks, and SUVs on their lot with new ones coming in all the time.

Jay’s is staffed by knowledgeable people who have been in the business for a long time and whose goals are to help those in need. When someone receives their tax refund, they want to know the best ways to use them that might help improve their financial situation. Some tips include paying off credit card debt, adding to emergency savings, and starting a business. Opening a secured credit card can help your credit and so can investing in one’s home or vehicle. Drivers from Westfield to Brecksville can either use their tax refund to have their current vehicle updated or repaired, or they can buy a more reliable one. Jay’s Auto Sales can help with both whether someone wants to have more of a down payment to potentially lower their interest rate and monthly payment or put it away to use as a backup for future payments. Benefits to buying used vehicles includes savings on insurance and depreciation. Jay’s even offers options for monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly payments.

Gone are the days of drivers from Medina, Ohio, to Brecksville, Ohio, dreading the fact that it’s time to go car shopping when working with the compassionate staff at Jay’s Auto Sales. This local used car lot is a buy here pay here dealership with in-house vehicle financing, a comprehensive automotive service department, and a wide selection of affordable fuel-efficient cars, 4WD trucks, and SUVs. They have reliable used cars with excellent warranties when someone wants to rebuild their credit score while taking advantage of one of the best ways to use their tax refund. Everyone from Westfield, Ohio, to Wooster, Ohio, who wants to use their tax refund to buy a car will feel like family as soon as they walk through the doors of Jay’s Auto Sales. Call 330.334.1080, visit them in person, or go online today!

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