Individuals in Sacramento, California, Can Discover the Benefits of Hemp Oil at 360 Distribution

By Fiona Vernon

Over the past few years, many individuals from Parkersburg, West Virginia, to Sacramento, California, have begun to realize that sometimes alternate methods can coexist with the current healthcare system and medications. Doctors are necessary with their vast knowledge concerning ailments that affect the human body; however, many individuals overlook what ancestors knew to be very effective natural healing solutions — including fresh nutritional foods and plants that are natural inflammation fighters and pain relievers. In recent years, discussions have occurred among the members of society and the government on hemp CBD versus medical marijuana CBD oil. Anyone from Cleveland, Ohio, to Daytona Beach, Florida, can discover the array of benefits of hemp, or CBD, oil products and the Cannabis Sativa plant legally and without the psychoactive effects by contacting 360 Distribution for their wholesale and bulk CBD, or cannabidiol, oil. The offer a vast array of applications, from CBD capsules to infused honey sticks and creams that anyone requiring effective relief of a spectrum of symptoms.

When comparing hemp CBD versus medical marijuana CBD oil, their differences and similarities of their origin need to be analyzed. Hemp is a cannabis plant harvested for its seeds and stalks, which are used to produce such products as nutritional supplements, food, paper, medicines, body care products, and more. It must contain no more than 0.3% THC, the component in marijuana that causes the euphoric effect, per dry weight to be legally considered hemp, rendering it impossible to “get high” from hemp products. Marijuana is a cannabis plant harvested for its psychoactive properties, cultivated especially for the flowers that contain the highest levels of THC. Different strains can contain levels of THC between 10 and 30%, or even higher, through selective breeding. Use and possession in the United States remains federally illegal; however, some states have legalized either medical or recreational use.

Many individuals from Sacramento to Parkersburg who are searching for natural healing solutions have researched hemp CBD versus medical marijuana CBD oil, and 360 Distribution in Cleveland can provide high-quality products backed by certificates of analysis proving their components. One of the misconceptions that many people have about wholesale or retail CBD hemp oil is that it is less effective than the marijuana plant. While specially bred marijuana plants can have a higher percentage of CBD, once the oil is extracted, the difference is insignificant. Additionally, hemp varieties grow much faster than marijuana, so growers may be able to harvest several crops in a season where only one crop of marijuana could be grown — making hemp a more environmentally-conscious product. Hemp contains appreciable amounts of a vast array of terpenes and cannabinoids without the THC levels that can cause psychoactive effects. Natural pain relief tops the list of the benefits of hemp, or CBD, oil in addition to its being an extremely effective natural inflammation fighter, anxiety reducer, cancer fighter, and more. 360 Distributions carries bulk cannabidiol, or CBD, oil products in a variety of forms, from CBD capsules and mouth sprays to oil drops that can provide the benefits that anyone in Daytona Beach and beyond may require.

Whether a massage therapist in Sacramento, California, is searching for CBD capsules as a natural inflammation fighter for whole body wellness and or a wellness store in Parkersburg, West Virginia, would like CBD oil products for natural pain relief, either can contact 360 Distribution in Cleveland, Ohio, for their natural healing solutions. They have a plethora of information on their website if anyone in Daytona Beach, Florida, and beyond would like to investigate hemp CBD versus medical marijuana CBD oil. Individuals who know the benefits of hemp oil and are looking to provide wholesale or bulk cannabidiol, or CBD, oil to their clients will find all the products essential to meeting their goals at 360 Distribution.

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