Fitness Equipment Sales Offers Fitness Facility Maintenance for All Commercial Gym Equipment in Macon, Georgia

By Fiona Vernon

The holiday season has officially arrived with the recent delight of Thanksgiving dinner, followed by the epic journey of Christmas shopping and the overindulgences of the holiday season. The New Year will be in full-swing soon after, and with it, the resolutions that people create with the intention to improve themselves. Studies show that the most common resolutions involve increased exercise, weight loss, and improving one’s well-being, with the smallest percentage of learning a new skill or hobby at 15%. That being said, fitness facilities from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Macon, Georgia, are entering into their busiest time of year! Commercial gym equipment will be getting more use than usual and may possibly run into some functionality issues, and the best company to call for fitness facility maintenance is Fitness Equipment Sales. Managers from Birmingham, Alabama, to Jacksonville, Florida, who find themselves in need of commercial exercise equipment repair can call this commercial fitness company, who not only specializes in commercial fitness machine service, but can also help with every aspect of running a gym. They excel at facility layout and choosing suitable commercial exercise bikes and lateral trainers to treadmill delivery and installation and preventative maintenance options.

 Fitness Equipment Sales has been around longer than any other commercial fitness company in Georgia. Managers from Birmingham to Chattanooga who are in need of commercial fitness machine service during the busiest time of year will find fast and friendly results when they call FES, from professional commercial gym equipment delivery and installation to preventative maintenance. They specialize in assembly, maintenance, and repair for all commercial lateral trainers, treadmills, exercise bikes, and any other malfunctioning equipment… even if not originally purchased from them. Fitness Equipment Sales will minimize the amount of time that any fitness fanatic who visits a gym will see an “out of order” sign hanging in that facility. Whether a corporate fitness center in Macon is attempting to keep their employees in shape or an apartment community fitness center in Jacksonville is offering a gym to attract quality tenants, this commercial fitness company will keep patrons happy and returning.

Any facility, from health clubs to schools, can count on the factory-trained technicians from Fitness Equipment Sales, as they are fast and effective in their commercial exercise equipment repair. Anyone can reduce the number of times that they need to make this phone call by taking advantage of the preventative maintenance options offered by this commercial fitness company. It starts with a full diagnostic evaluation and progresses to warranty protection on any repair that they are entrusted to perform. They have many fitness facility maintenance plans suitable for any budget and level of equipment usage, from a busy metropolitan gym to a hotel facility with minimal use.  In addition to installing and maintaining equipment, they are dedicated to each client’s satisfaction with relocating, trading, and disposing of equipment so that the facility will have no worries!

Any university in Macon, Georgia, or corporate health club in Jacksonville, Florida, in need of commercial exercise equipment repair as they enter into the time of year when they are most in demand will find themselves very satisfied with the results of one phone call to Fitness Equipment Sales. This commercial fitness company offers everything from name-brand commercial gym equipment — such as treadmills, lateral trainers, elliptical trainers, and exercise bikes — to delivery and installation and preventative maintenance options. In addition to their comprehensive coverage in fitness facility maintenance, they offer the best in commercial fitness machine service for anyone from Birmingham, Alabama, to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Everyone who has called Fitness Equipment Sales can attest to the fact that they will ensure that each client is thrilled with the service provided!

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