Individuals can Visit Jay’s Auto Sales in Wadsworth, Ohio, for a Free Gas Card Drawing and Vehicle Discounts

By Fiona Vernon

Summer time is winding down as thoughts of back-to-school preparation have entered the heads of parents and children alike. They are considering what needs to be done to prepare for the fall season, and one of the debates in which someone may find themselves is whether or not the time has come for a new vehicle before the harsh winter arrives. Jay’s Auto Sales in Wadsworth, Ohio, is a Buy Here Pay Here lot that offers in-house auto financing on their affordable pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs.  In over three decades, they have helped thousands of area residents from Barberton, Ohio, to Seville, Ohio, with their solid deals, impressive after-sale auto service, and the ability to assist with anyone’s credit needs, creating many repeat customers. Everyone wants to be appreciated and this local used car dealer shows their appreciate daily with their military and other discounts, as well as with their annual Customer Appreciation Day, taking place on September 16th, 2017. Anyone from Rittman, Ohio, and beyond can take the short drive and enjoy the family fun, vehicle discounts, and the possibility of winning a free gas card!

Some car owners in Barberton and beyond have no choice when it comes time to buy a car, because their old one has outlived its usefulness; however, some people like to regularly trade-in and purchase cars so that they never have to worry about the reliability of their transportation. Whether someone needs a vehicle as soon as possible or the situation has allowed them time to look for an affordable pre-owned car, truck, or SUV, Jay’s Auto Sales is a fantastic Buy Here Pay Here lot that has earned its quality reputation and repeat customers. Anyone in and around Wadsworth who has dealt with this local used car dealer is aware of the many qualities that have given them cause to return for their next vehicle. Their in-house auto financing has helped put many people behind the wheel of a reliable car when they didn’t believe that it was a possibility. They not only find individuals an affordable car solution, but also help them get their financial lives back on track. Their after-sale auto service is solid throughout the warranty of 30-days or 1,500 miles; additionally, they stand by their vehicles so much that they offer vehicle discounts to customers who find themselves in need of repair after the warranty has expired. They also offer any Veteran or active military members a $500 discount. These are all ways in which Jay’s Auto Sales shows their appreciation for the community.

One of the most exciting ways that Jay’s Auto Sales shows their gratitude to the communities of Seville, Rittman, and beyond is with an annual Customer Appreciation Day! September 16th, 2017, is fast-approaching, so individuals can take a break from the hectic routine of the week and spend Saturday from 11am to 3pm enjoying themselves and relaxing. Anyone can bring family or friends out to take pleasure in the wide selection of food and beverages, while the DJ spinning tunes, pony rides, and the bounce house entertain everyone! Face painting and Josh the Juggler are fun for all who partake, but the adults may have the most fun entering into the drawing for a free gas card! Anyone can take a few hours and let Jay’s Auto Sales spoil them!

Regardless of the financial situation that someone near Rittman, Ohio, or Seville, Ohio, finds themselves in, anyone should feel comfortable walking into Jay’s Auto Sales in Wadsworth, Ohio, to talk to them about in-house auto financing on their affordable pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs. This reputable local used car dealer has won the business and hearts of thousands of repeat customers with their after-sale auto service, military discounts, and ability to assist them in getting behind the wheel of a quality car when they didn’t think it achievable. Not only does this Buy Here Pay Here lot show their customer appreciation by consistently offering vehicle discounts, they also show it with an impressive annual Customer Appreciation Day! Anyone in and Barberton, Ohio, can take a break from their routine and visit Jay’s Auto Sales on September 16th, 2017, from 11am to 3pm for the possibility to win a free gas card, food, a juggler, pony rides, face painting, and more.

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