A Mulch Delivery from Savarino Brothers Garden Center Can Help Insulate Fall Plantings in Solon, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Where did the time go? One day, someone from Independence, Ohio, looks at the clock and is surprised that it’s already the middle of August! This time arrives after the same amount of days have passed every year, but it seems to go by quicker as people grow older. Pretty soon, school will be starting and there are a ton of things to prepare for with fall on the way. Once the school shopping is done, and the homeowner is sitting on their deck with a steaming cup of coffee, enjoying the sunshine and their picturesque backyard, they look around thinking about the fall landscaping they would like to accomplish. Fall is the optimal time to plant shrubs and for colorful spring growth. It is also the perfect time to call Savarino Brothers Garden Center near Solon, Ohio, and Aurora, Ohio, for a topsoil or mulch delivery to install the fall plantings and insulate them. If there is nothing new going into the ground, then deciding whether it’s spring or fall that the annual mulching will occur isn’t as essential, but fall mulching can still protect the plants for winter as well as beautify the backyard. Anyone from Streetsboro, Ohio, and beyond can call this full-service garden center for the mulch that will help their yard or garden look its best today and throughout the year.

Homeowners from Streetsboro to Independence who are planning on a vibrant variety of colors in their spring flower beds, must start the process in the fall. Just because fall is cooler, doesn’t mean people can stop thinking about the landscaping quite yet. Individuals who plant bulbs, such as daffodils and crocus, in the fall, give the flowers a chance to establish strong roots before winter. Planting in the fall also causes the flowers to flourish faster in the spring. Plants focus most of their energy into their roots in the autumn, which is why fall is the optimal time to plant for spring growth, as well as for shrubs. In the parts of the country that experience all four seasons, planting shrubs in the early fall gives them a head start at establishing roots in the cool, moist soil. One basically needs to dig a hole twice the diameter of the shrub’s roots, keep it centered, and fill it in with a topsoil delivery that can be obtained by calling Savarino Brothers Garden Center. After watering the newly planted area to settle the soil, one should never pack the soil with their feet, apply mulch on top of it to insulate the fall plantings.

Savarino Brother Garden Center offers a vast array of natural bulk mulch for delivery in and around Aurora and Solon; additionally, if someone isn’t sure what to order, they can call this full-service garden center for advice on what the best product is to insulate their fall plantings. When giving new beds or fall plantings a layer of mulch, it is best done after a light frost but before the ground freezes. After calling Savarino Brothers for a mulch delivery, the most effective method for plant protection is to first till mulch into the soil, then apply a fresh layer of two to four-inches. More will smother the roots of the newly planted shrubs or bulbs, but the appropriate amount will keep them warm and control water runoff and soil erosion through the harsh winter weather. Fall mulching not only protects plants, but also brings beauty to one’s yard. After the fall landscaping is done, it is time to relax and let Mother Nature take care of the fall plantings for the winter.

Fall is the season that many people from Solon, Ohio, to Streetsboro, Ohio, enjoy the most with the bright colors of the trees, the crisp air, and the smell of burning wood from backyard fires. It is the optimal time of year to plant for colorful spring growth and shrubs. Taking a few moments for fall landscaping can ensure a colorful spring with the proper steps. Fall mulching after installing the plants into the ground, can not only beautify one’s yard, but also insulate the fall plantings and keep them safe throughout the winter. Savarino Brothers Garden Center near Aurora, Ohio, and Independence, Ohio, can supply a topsoil and mulch delivery to assist in the needs of the homeowner wanting to have a botanical-like atmosphere in the spring. This full-service garden center can supply all that is necessary to relax over the winter and have wonderful colors in the spring!

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